TH (26 July 2015)



Well lets start our speculation with a few parallels that a faux messiah
would have to poscess to qualify as MAN'S new savior.  

1. He would have to have an otherly world "Father".     (like Jesus)

2. He would be able to preform miracles.  (thru advanced "alien" tech.)

3. He will  have supernatural knowledge.   ( satan is brilliant don't forget )

4. He will be able to raise the dead.     (a trick via demonic possession)

5. He will praise and honor his "Father" who dwells in the "heavens".  ( guess who )

6. He will claim to be the next step in Human Evolution.

7.  He will HAVE to offer Eternal Life. ( fake download you into your clone )
                                                                       [see #4 above]

There may be other attributes, but these are enough for our comparisons.
He will be a hybred, 1/2 human , 1/2 alien. Alien "abductees" are claiming
that they witness genetic experimentation while aboard their ships.  Some
even report having held little "halfers" in their arms.  What could these
aliens be up to?  There is an evil agenda going on here !  Those that have
contact with these entities report being told that they belong to an
inter-planetary federation and they have come to "help " save mother
earth (Gaia)** from man's wanton destruction of Her. We can do this by
taking a DNA up-grade that they will offer to those who "qualify"and the
a.c. Is the first example of what we could become in the NEW AGE.

Of course satan is behind the whole thing.  Him and his angels and minions
including the dis-embodied spirits.  It's these body-less spirits
that help pull off "raising the dead" deception. These spirits have been onboard
a person's conscience when the opportunity presented itself early in the life
of the candidate (victim) so it will have the memory of that person's life and
to be able to recall events in the persons life. This will enable them to FOOL
loved ones, even spouses, that he or she has come back to life.
As to eternal life, they will demonstrate the ability to DOWNLOAD a
persons conscience into a CLONE of that person that they have grown
from that person's DNA just for the purpose of eternal  life. It won't be the
person but his personal demon that was with them from youth just for that
purpose.  This will be the GREAT LIE that satan and his minions have
been waiting a very long time to fool man out of God's grand  plan of
HOLY SALVATION through JESUS CHRIST and His sacrifice on
the Cross.  The a.c. will seem to be a "SUPERMAN" and by taking the
DNA upgrade, we too can become like him, in power and scope, and live
forever. This, of course, a gift to mankind from the ac's  magnificent and
benevolent farther,  "THE" father of all lies and this is his grandest LIE of all
time. All the tree huggers, new agers, progessives and their ilk will be fighting
each other to be first in line for the upgrade to superhuman.  This will make
them no longer human and therefore not redeamable.  The DNA change is
indeed the MARK of the BEAST.  Just as in Noah's day corrupted  genes,
satan's plan of long ago to corrupt man's GOD given physical nature.
This lie is so convincing that satan has managed to fool the RICH MEN
of the earth, the illuminati, Gov. High-ups, scientists and others who are
againsnt God for reasons of their own.  The ac will actually abolish all
religion as he will have proof that the leading scientists of the PLANETARY
FEDERATION created MAN through the manipulation of primate DNA.
They have been waiting for man to come to a point in his developement
to take the next step to the fufilment of his destiny.  In fact, they had to
return early because man was ruining "Mother Earth".  So they're here
to take care of the situation because they really care for man and his
mother Gaia.** So it will be with cynacism that he sets himself up as god.
"You want someone to worship? Worship me, the bringer of your salvation"
Sadly, all who have taken the upgrade ( the MARK ) will be grateful enough
to indeed worship him.  This will be the ultimate insult to GOD which brings
His fiercest JUDGEMENTS to EARTH and to those who still live on (and in) it.

YOU want to be in Heaven with JESUS before any of this goes down!!!

If you're not sure of where you stand with our Savior, GET SURE,
because if ....HE DOSEN'T KNOW YOU........hockapatooey !

( Oh! and guess what happens to those that refuse to take the up-grade )

                 T H                                          ** the pope is super concerned about
                                                                       Earth now too, we hear...

  P.S.  If these ALIEN ABDUCTIONS (3 Million est.) are real, ( and they are ) so is
the RAPTURE !   Supernatural evil...  proving Supernatural Holiness !

  P.P.S.  Another "Disclosure Meeting" recently, but take comfort,
we are GONE before the ac & demons & fallen angels "officially" appear.