Steve Coerper (26 July 2015)
"What happened to the Anakypto podcast?"

Dear John:

Some of your site visitors listen to my daily podcast on SoundCloud, and many of my listeners visit your site. 

This past Thursday we had a heavy thunderstorm and the power surge fried our modem.  The modem has been replaced but the service still does not work, so I can't upload programs or update my web site.  A technician is coming tomorrow morning to fix what remains broken and I should be back to "business as usual" on Monday, July 27th.

I'd appreciate it if you would post this, since I've had a few health issues lately and some may mistakenly conclude that I had checked out.  I'm still here and have recovered nicely from the surgery.

Hope to see all you Doves soon.  I still think the arguments for September are compelling, and actually this upcoming 15th of Av remains an exciting possibility.

Very best,

Anakypto Forum