Robin Wester (26 July 2015)
"Hi Doves"


Dear Doves:


I am seeing more and more articles all over the internet and  in Christian sites about a coming economic collapse – most likely this fall.     The articles are doing a good job of encouraging folks to “get ready” ,  to prepare their finances and staples to protect their families.    What I don’t see much of is someone coming out – honestly and freely sharing with folks  “how” to prepare.     Lots of info on the need to move your finances out of the US Dollar,   but not much on what the alternative is.    The only ones who seem to have plan on “how” to do it – always have the bottom line  in their article :    “Yours for $ 99.00”    or  “ $198.00 Value for $49.00” ,   “Join today and we’ll show you how to invest to protect your savings”  and the list goes on. 


I know that our Lord brings water out of rocks and drops manna from Heaven – should we expect with faith that this will be His plan this time,  or do we prepare as good stewards ?  


Since I am getting close to retirement age,  I have talked with about 8 different “advisors” some even claim to be devout Christians,   and in conversation have mentioned the above – all look at me like I’m from another planet,   and am concerned over nothing.   One guy even took some of the articles I printed off to show him,   threw them out calling them financial pornography.


Please be honest with me – am I being concerned over nothing?


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Your Sister in Christ,


Robin O Wester