Gary Rich (26 July 2015)
"RE: just for fun rapture poll"

 yes i am answering  my own rapture poll posting . You see, in the five days since i wrote that posting God has revealed to me that the day of Nov 11, 2015 that Ron Reese has been writing about in his bible prophecy research articles is in fact the day of both our rapture flight and the beginning of the Tribulation Judgements. I had thought that the rapture could happen on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles. But not anymore

So what did God show me in the past few days that has convinced me of a 11/11/2015 rapture. Well - as some of you may know - God has given me the gift of evangelism, and for the past many years i have been doing beach evangelism ministry in Daytona Beach, Florida. Well - a couple of days  ago I was asking the Lord how much longer will I be here in Daytona doing beach witnessing/ soul winning. He told me the total time for my Florida evangelism ministry was to be 1770 days.

I started adding up all the weeks and months i have been here and about fell out of my chair when i saw the end date of the 1770 days of ministry. It ended on November 11, 2015. My last day here doing evangelism ministry will end at hearing the trumpet of God calling me heaven-bound in the rapture. That  has convinced me that our rapture flight day is 11/11/2015. See you all in the air in a couple of months for our out of this world rapture space flight !

have a blessed day,  Gary