Fay (26 July 2015)

The pope - AGAIN. Climate change is his big thing now. Obviously NOT counting his air miles on private jets -leaving out his own "carbon footprint". Never mind the countless Christians being tortured and slaughtered by Isis. He is also slamming "capitalism" whilst cat walking in his ermine and robes and dining off the fat of the land. Grrrr. I know it's not just me, becoming increasingly frustrated and angered by these self serving elite. How they pontificate and lecture us about "man made climate change" whilst it is the very wealthy who are profiting from coal etc. I am starting to wonder what is real and what is fake. Surely 'they' can't think we are all THAT stupid? We are force fed the total horror of be-headings every day - yet reminded just what a fabulous religion of peace and loveliness Islam is. We are told that we "misunderstand" islam. What's to "misunderstand"???? Their women are second class citizens. Christians and Jews are to be slaughtered. I believe they are very clear about their intentions! Something doesn't sit right though. I suspect "the great deception" is playing out in front of us. It's all too cartoonish.

Pope urges U.N. to take strong action on climate change