Charles Holler (26 July 2015)
"Is today the Day of the rapture?"

Greetings John and Doves,
    I hope everyone read my other post today on the First Day o the Tribulation. I must address the 9th of Av and that's today for most of you who are reading this on Sunday morning 7-26-2015. One of the reasons I've always thought this could be one of the dozen or so high alert days we look for our Lord to rapture His 5 wise virgins, the Bride of Christ. This minor fast day is the 21st day of the three weeks of woe extending from the 17th of Tammuz to the 9th of Av. A day of mourning, a day of woe. It all started as the day the 12 spies returned and 10 of them murmured and complained causing our Heavenly Father to mark this day as a day of woe for centuries to come. It started that very next year as the condemned children of Israel over the age of 20 would be sentenced to wander for 40 years till they were all dead before the remaining (including Joshua and Caleb) would enter the promised land. Now baring accidents they didn't die everyday but had to wait till the 9th of Av every year. They then would have to leave the camp, dig their own grave, and sleep in it. The next morning 15,000 would never wake. This happen every year for 40 years till the 600,000 were deceased. The 9th of Av continued throughout time to always be a most tragic day of mourning and woe likened to the very death of a loved one. We all know the different events or can Google then in seconds. You're saying "OK Chuck what makes this a day to watch?" Here are my thoughts. The first and second temple were removed from Earth on this day, By interpreting Scripture through patterns...why not remove the third temple on that same day? We are the third temple. What a day of woe and mourning for Israel....the USA destroyed or crippled at best, one of Israels only 2 friends (America and the Church) gone , it's 2nd friend gone in the rapture, the scales now falling off their eyes as they realize they crucified the One whe love them more than life itself.....what a final 9th of Av...the most mournful day of woe ever.

A side note has me point out another day. In the 39/40th year when Israel woke up they found no one died. They thought they counted wrong so they continued to sleep in the make shift graves night after night till the next Sabbath (shemitah) and realized the sentence was served. This 15th of Av AKA Tu B' Av became a minor feast day. It eventually became as common for weddings as Americas June Bride custom. This was because after it was used to save the tribe of Benjamin from being extinct by supplying over 600 virgin brides on this day.It became custom that after the three weeks of woe every year it is a time to celebrate and many times with the wedding of a loved one.

Charles Holler Sr