Pastor Bob (27 July 2014)
""Roots of British Israelism link to Prince Charles & British Royals""

All Doves:

I stated that the buyer beware when I noted in my post on "Beware of British-Israelism".  In this post I will tie together the thread roots of "British-Israelism" or "Anglo-Israelism", whichever you prefer, to the the present-day Royal Family, including Prince Charles, and his two sons. 

Because of Herbert W. Armstrong, and his World Wide Church of God, followers were led to believe a monstrous lie, that being that the UK was the tribe of Ephraim and the USA was the tribe of Manasseh.  That lie now has spread throughout American Christianity in the form of hundreds of groups of churches, like David J. Smith of Waxahachie, Texas, Arnold Murray of Gravette, Arkansas, Jimmy Swaggart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, along with those I named in my original post on "Beware of British-Israelism".  There are so many that I know I have not named them all.

The notion that the ten northern tribes of Israel are "lost" is simply unscriptural.  Revelation 12:4-8 clearly states that God will seal 12,000 Jews from each tribe in the coming "Seven-year" Tribulation.  No mention of America or England, or any Anglo-Saxon people is made in the Bible.  There is no Scriptural basis for teaching that the ten northern tribes of Israel will form nations.  In fact, Hosea and Amos, who prophesied mostly to the ten northern tribes, declared that these tribes would be scattered "among the nations" -(Hosea 8:10; 9:17; Amos 9:9).  God never said that He would permit them to form independent nations of their own.

"British-Israelism" is a gross misapplication of the Scriptures.  I am going to try to keep the length of this post as short as possible, despite the vast amount of evidence that I could bring to the expose of "British-Israelism".  I am going to bring the reader right up-to-date, of the British Royals that have bought into this bovine excrement in an existential way.  Here in the USA "British-Israelism" is linked to many "Christian Identity" groups, many of which are on the FBI's watch list of militia groups.

"British-Israelism" was based upon religious cult  belief structures designed by the British Colonial Office to undermine Christianity in general, and the American republican form of government in specific.  "British-Israelism" is a syncreatic cult which, in its simplest various claims that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic race is the true "Ten Tribes of Israel", that the British sovereign is descended from King David, and, that as such, an all-encompassing British Empire is Biblically prophesied to rule the world in the few, final days before Jesus Christ touches down on the Mount of Olives and ends human history.  There are many variations on this theme, the largest being that the Masonic Antichrist will come from the Royal Family.  Recall, my post on the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry, operating through the Grand Lodge of Boston, Massachusetts on behalf of the order for 60,000 tons of cut limestone for the Third Temple.  Almost all, even the militant anti-Semites, look to the Mideast, to Jerusalem, and yearn for the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, which will be the the incontrovertible sign that the end of the world is nigh.  A point the reader needs to be aware of is that the Roman Catholic Church long ago infiltrated Freemasonry through the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits (same pedigree as Pope Francis).  Rome controls the Masonic Lodge at the very top of its Lodge system.

The roots of British-Israelism track back to the late Elizabethian period in England, and the beginning of the British maritime empire, as well as the creation of a full-time secret intelligence service.  One person who is reputed to have contributed to the early development of the British-Israel ideology is John Dee, a Fellow at Trinity College and adviser to Queen Elizabeth, who by the way, practiced black magic and prophecy, and was among the first to talk of England as an empire.  Also, Sir Francis Drake, Elizabeth's favorite pirate, was notoriously partial to describing the fledgling empire of England as "Israel" and the "New Jerusalem".

The beginning of the 17th century saw the rise of hundreds of cults all across Europe.  The majority of these - including what would later be known as "British-Israelism" - can be traced to the efforts of Venice's top psychological warfare officer, Paolo Sarpi.  None of you would know that name unless you had majored in history in college.  The Venetian strategic interests demanded that Europe be kept "controlled" and "divided", and that the scientific breakthroughs of the Renaissance - and the implication of those breakthroughs for the growth of human mental freedom - had to be destroyed.

Venice had long learned that manipulation of religion is one of the most potent methods of controlling society. Venetian agents had a direct hand in the English King Henry VIII's break with Rome and in the creation of the theocratic Church of England.  Venice was crucial to the transformation of the Reformation and Martin Luther. Venice was equally pivotal in shaping the Vatican's countermeasures - thus ensuring decades of religious warfare. Remember, Venice is the origin and center of global banking as well.

As a skilled intelligence operative, Paolo Sarpi did not simply create one ideological package, but several; then, whichever one took hold could be further promoted.  Some cult variants were designed to appeal to scientists, and had little to say about religion, when others were openly religious, some favoring Catholics, some for Protestants, and yet others were meant to draw in people who were confused about religion in general.  The full expanse of such today is seen in the thousands of religious groups, or so-called churches, cults, Christian Identity groups aligned under patriotism but claiming the Bible as basis for their belief.  An excellent example today is that of David Barton of Wall Builders, you may have seen him on the Glen Beck or Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly television programs.  David Barton is a Masonic propagandist.  He goes around painting a picture of the Founding Fathers as being representative of the people.  That is a misnomer, they were all aristocrats of considerable personal fortune.

Paolo Sarpi relied heavy on the ideas that originally developed with Gnosticism.  Europe had seen large-scale Gnostic heresies arise and their violent suppression.  The Gnostics "secret knowledge" ideology is what Paolo Sarpi and his two famous collaborators, Galileo and Francis Bacon used to create a neo-Aristotelean "scientific method", in opposition to the creative one pioneered by Cusa and his followers like Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Kepler.  Under Gnosticism and its methodology, science explicitly became the same as alchemy, prophecy, or magic - which are all just a matter of hitting upon the right combination or chemicals, the right incantation, the plausible interpretation.  This took many forms, including a few which contributed directly to "British-Israelism".

Francis Bacon - whom many classify as the founder of modern scientific method - explicitly saw science as nothing more than forcibly wresting from nature the secrets of God (in this case a Gnostic Deity containing good as well as evil),  Masonry symbolism is about the duality of God - good and evil.  This is basic to a Lodge where the temple area of the lodge is a black and white checkerboard pattern, symbolic of good and evil.  Francis Bacon is considered the father of Freemasonry.  Bacon's text, the 'New Atlantis' which suggested that England could become the site of the new King Solomon's Temple, became the founding document of the British scientific espionage operation known as the British Royal Society.  It was here that Bacon coined the ominous phrase: "Knowledge is power."  The Royal Society held alchemy and ghost-hunting on the same scientific level as astronomy and chemistry.  In our day, this all seems bizarre to say the least.

Another cult spun from the Sarpi network which contributes to many forms of "British-Israelism", as well as to Freemasonry and Theosophy, is Rosicrucianism.  Here again, the earliest origins are obscured, and include unverifiable references to the crusading Knights Templars (officially known as "The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon").  You never heard them referred by their formal name on the propaganda television programs of the History Channel, A&E, or the Discovery Channel.  Those television networks white-wash Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the Knights Templars to suit their purposes. 

According to Masonic legend, a small group of Knights Templars escaped the Inquisition for the Order's practice of the Eastern Baphomet cult to fight with King David Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, thereby engendering the origins of Freemasonry and of Rosicrucianism.  Within higher order Freemasonry, the degree of Rose Croix is known as the "Degree of Revenge" against the Pope and the French King.  Thus, the Jacobinites of the Duc d'Orleans (Philip Egalite") during the French Revolution were known to be followers of neo-Templarism.

Notwithstanding their primordial roots, the Rosicrucians' strict adherence to a system of esoteric "secret knowledge" made them grist for Paolo Sarpi's Gnostic mill.  I'm going to skip over a lot of background material at this point, and simply point out that Venice had previously encouraged the most extreme Protestant forms, like Calvinism and its English variant Puritainism, while simultaneously working to harden and militarize Roman Catholicism against them.  Sarpi practiced a "Divide and conquer" strategy.

Much of the religious history of 17th century England can be best characterized as various factions' attempts to decipher the secrets of the Bible. and revive that old-time religion.  Indeed, much of the original theology of such modern groups as the Quakers, the Pietists, and the Unitarians, were derived from these debates.  This is a major reason that Oliver Cromwell saw as beneficial the intense public debate over Biblical texts that might be used to proclaim that English law was in conformity with the laws of the Israelites, and allow the Roundheads to claim that London was the New Jerusalem. 

Oliver Cromwell's offer to let the Jews return to England after centuries of exile was not humanitarian as so many have been led to believe.  The offer for the Jews to return was made in the hope that the Jews could somehow reveal the Biblical secrets to England's royalty; John Milton's intense study of the Cabala and other Jewish esoteric texts was to the same end.

Even after the monarchy was restored in 1660, the debate merely intensified.  Typical is Sir Isaac Newton, who was devoted to the search for "prisca theologia".  A Freemason in the tradition of speculative Masonry founders Robert Fludd and Sir Elias Ashmole, Newton studied alchemy, and corresponded with John Locke on the subject.
Like Archbishop James Ussher at the beginning of the century, Newton claimed to have divined the secrets of the Bible; in his book 'The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms' Newton presented a scheme for the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple.  Many of Newton's last years were spent writing notes for a book on prophecy based on the Revelation of St. John, in which he described the ultimate destruction of the "Anti-Christ" by which he meant the Roman Pope.  To this day, most of Newton's writings on Christianity, the Bible, have remained unpublished and are kept under lock and key away from the public eye.

By Newton's day, England had not only taken over the oligarchy's imperial mantle, it had also become the cult center of the world.  Just as Sarpi had planned, the corruption of religious belief was vital to the corruption of scientific understanding.  A very large reason why Newton's empiricist theories became so widespread, was that they conformed to the new, corrupt theologies; indeed, the English clergy and their colleagues became Newton's greatest fans and promoters. 

In skipping past the background of the advances that "British-Israelism" was having in England, it is essential to make it clear that the leaders were obsessed with [and still are] the idea of rebuilding Solomon's Temple.  For England, it was like the search for the Holy Grail.  In 1919, the 40-odd British-Israel organizations were consolidated into the British Israel World Federation.  This consolidation followed two key developments that were the work of British leaders who had been influenced by British-Israelism.  The first was the 1917 conquest of Palestine and entry into Jerusalem by Field Marshall Lord Allenby, which was intended to achieve a Palestine Mandate for the British Empire at the Versailles Peace Conference.  The second, which sought to give an "imaginative" purpose to a British mandate, was the Balfour Declaration, backing "the establishment in Palestine of a national homeland for the Jewish people".  These two events gave greater credence to those that saw the final fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and, then, the end of the world.  It would be a mere three decades later before the Christian world saw the fulfillment of Isaiah 66:8. It was during the time of those two events that led to the Herbert W. Armstrong's World Wide Church of God in the USA. 

Following those two events, London's Monarchy and the Royal Family had become fully intertwined in "British-Israelism" and the idea that the British Empire as being of God.  King George VI had his genealogical chart traced to King David, and he educated his daughters in "British-Israelism", including his heir, HM Queen Elizabeth II.  

It was the spring of 1996, when I was between final exams, and I decided to pass the time by visiting the largest bookstore in Charlotte, NC.  I was browsing the shelves of the religion and philosophy section and I came across a book that forever, tied the connection with the British Royal Family on this matter of "British-Israelism".  The book was titled 'Bloodlines of the Holy Grail'.  I can't fully describe the experience, but it was like something mystical was forcing me to take the book off the shelf.  The copy I bought was a hard-bound, but today you can get paperback editions for a couple bucks or so.  I took the book to an empty chair nearby and sat down to peruse through its chapters.  Over the next three hours I virtually scanned the entire book.  The book's sub-title is: 'The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed'.  My reaction was to the point that any non-Christian could easily buy into the premise of this book.  The author, Laurence Gardner as I recall was a Royal Family historian of sort.  Laurence Gardner was a "New Age" writer and wrote quite a few books following his best-seller 'Bloodlines of the Holy Grail'.  I bought seven or eight of his other books, not as a fan, but to follow his threads of where he was leading his readers. 

Laurence Gardner died in 2010 after a long illness.  The gist of his book is the "Gnostic" view of the Merovingians.  This view teaches that Jesus did not die on the cross but was spirited away by his disciples.  He and Mary Magdalene were secretly taken across the North African coast line to a place where they traveled by small boat to the French coast where they escaped into the French countryside.  The premise of Laurence Gardner was that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had two children, a boy and a girl, from which came the Merovingian dynasty, the idea of divine right of kings, etc.  This is the "Gnostic" line taught on Jesus not dying on the cross.  His book was on the best seller list for something like three months. 

The book contains dozens of pages of genealogical charts in the back of the book, that traces the British Royal Family roots back, not just to Jesus of Nazareth, but further, to King David, which is noteworthy since the Bible speaks that the Messiah will sit on the throne of David.  There is a chart in the very back of the book that shows Prince Charles of Wales as the direct descendant of both.  When I read the book I was stunned by Gardner's plot, and his gift to write such a persuaive story script.  Without a doubt, it could shake the faith of any believer, not well rooted in Biblical proof and evidence.  At the time I was just completing a two-year MA program in Christian Apologetics and it challenged my belief in so far as how to handle questions that might arise from people that read the book.  I remember, a similar book, in the 1960's that shook many of my fellow pre-ministerial students back in the mid 1960's.  It was called 'The Passover Plot' by Hugh Schonfield.  It came out in 1965 and several of my friends ultimately switched majors in college and then dropped out of seminary because of how this book had undermined their faith.  Back then we did not have the writings of men schooled in Apologetics that we have today to counter the likes of Gardner and Schonfield. 

Later in the spring of 1998, another book hit the market.  It was titled 'Antichrist and a Cup of Tea' by Tim Cohen.  Interestingly, this book was banned in the UK, because the premise is that Prince Charles of Wales or one of this sons will be the Antichrist.  This is a book that I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the topic of the Antichrist.  I have three copies of the book.  I learned of the book from an interview the author Tim Cohen did on the Christian television network "Sky Angel".  It is one of the best-done historically documented works because it fills in all the background that you will run into on the subject.  The subject of Tim Cohen's book dovetails with the subject content of Laurence Gardner's book, perfectly.  Prince Charles may not be the Antichrist, but there is a strong case that his oldest son, Prince William may be the Masonic Antichrist.  Prince Charles is the highest ranking Freemason as the head of the 'Order of the Garter' to which all other Grand Order Masonic Lodges report to in their chain of command.  The Queen Mum has, according to the British tabloid press, as recent as June, made it clear that William will be the next King, and not Prince Charles.  In fact, the Queen has told Prince Charles to divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles, his wife.  One article on the Internet in June said that the Queen told Camilla that she would never be Queen and that Prince William will be the next king.  The woman that owns and controls 1/6th of the world's wealth is far too powerful to permit a woman she detests vehemently to become the next Queen.

In bringing this expose of "British-Israelism" to a close, you can now begin to understand the powerful ethos that drives and belies the heretical idea of this aberrant ideology based upon faulty theology and errant understanding of the Bible.  Certainly, it will help you understand what I have been saying for a long time concerning the Masonic Lodge, its ties with "British-Israelism", the British Royal Family, and a Masonic Christ [Antichrist] that will come onto the scene in a way that is befitting of the Devil himself. 

God bless,

Pastor Bob