Neil Lipken (13 July 2014)
"How much more evidence does one need to know that we are living late in the End Times and that Jesus is returning SOON at the Rapture?"

Evil is abounding now around the world!  And evil will explode right after the Rapture during the 7 year Tribulation Period!  Right now we are more than 66 years into the End Times, and the first of the four extremely rare lunar eclipses on Jewish feast dates has already occurred (Passover of 2014).  It is very likely that these four eclipses (the last of which is at Tabernacles, 2015) will mark the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.  But for that to happen the following must happen first:

1.  "sudden destruction" / Rapture (very likely linked with Israel moving against the Iranian nuclear sites)
2.  arrival of the antichrist on the world stage
3.  Daniel 9:27 covenant to begin the 7 year Tribulation Period (Daniel's 70th week of years)

Any questions?

Do ya think a few more totally asleep pastors our there could wake up?  Or is it going to take a frying pan over their heads to wake them up?