Friedrich Wenz (13 July 2014)
"7th Month, 10th Day: ...THEN in 1994 ... AND:  soon and very soon !!!"

July 10, 2014

7th Month, 10th Day: ...THEN in 1994 (20 years ago) ... AND:  soon and very soon !!!


Shalom, greetings from germany, friedrich


This is what I like to share with you – if you have a little time, thank you so much. I try best to make it short possible and hope you can understand. I try to put it into 7 parts. Thank you for reading. Shalom


Part 1 – Jerusalem 1967

I remember vividly the June 5, 1967. I was at school (then age 15) (now I’m 61 J ) … that day our teacher came into classroom with a big radio and said: there is war in Israel! He placed the radio on the desk and we did listen to the breaking news and reports. Well, things went on… time went on…


Well, I was deeply moved when I heard in one of the recent Radio Temple Talks Rabbi Chaim Richman, Jerusalem, mentioning the ‘connection’ of the “Wednesday-Psalm”-song the Jews did sing when the 2nd Temple was destructed …the recapture of Jerusalem was on a Wednesday: June 7, 1967.


Part 2 – the 1980s – our Bible teacher

I like to say, I’m Christian and – I remember vividly the monthly bible hours of our precious late pastor Bro. Schirrmacher – around 1982 to 1986!!! when he preached about the significance of the Red Heifer and reported about the search for the ashes of the red heifer then in certain caves in Israel (Vendyl Jones). For me this was exciting!! He knew Hebrew language. He also preached about the significance of the temple mount being the’hub of the world’… the rock where Abraham bound Isaac … and so on… He said that the ‘Dome of the Rock’ is just at that place! He emphasized that ‘Allah’ never, never, never is the same ‘God’ as the G-d of the Jews or Christians.


Part 3 – The 1335 days of the Book of Daniel

Well, the teachings of our pastor in those days in mind I liked to learn more about the History of Jerusalem and the Dome of Rock and Temple Mount etc. One day suddenly I found an exciting fact and I went to our pastor and told him, well, he said, boy, this may be right, but stay in peace and he prayed with me.  This is what I then had found: In the Book of Daniel chapter 12, verse 13 it says: Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. Mohammed did die on June 8, 632… Exactly on the very last day of 1335 year time period …on June 7, 1967 …Jerusalem was re-united!

Years later I found another Christian preacher who found the same thing… So this fact surely is really amazing …isn’t.


Part 4 – The Oslo Accord

The breaking news about the so called ‘Oslo Accord’ were very surprising: Sept 13, 1993! I have to say that I was always interested in things happening in Israel and the Jewish world. At the railway station here in Karlsruhe (where I live here S-W Germany – we have a flower nursery …and often I had to travel to the Netherlands to buy flowers) – at the newspaper kiosk once in the week I bought the Jerusalem Post –engl edition- and the German “Jüdische Allgemeine Wochenzeitung” (the general weekly Jewish magazine). Well, one day Sept/Oct 1993 I was a little frustrated, because that magazine was not available. Now, later in the train I watched a certain man who seems to be ‘special’… well finally I took heart and contacted him and we had a nice conversation about weather, politics etc. …all at once it came out: He was the then chief editor of “my Jewish” magazine !!! … Mr. Daniel Dagan ! - so we spoke about ‘Oslo Accord’ …I had some ‘question marks’ – But he (then) was very optimistic!


Part 5 – Counting Days: Project 2000

One day Sept/Oct 1993 I found that the time span between Oslo Accord Sept 13, 1993 and the begin of the year 2000 (Jan 1, 2000) would be 2,300 days which reminded me to the book of Daniel chapter 8 also 2,300 been mentioned. For me this was really thrilling! In Psalms 90, 12 Moses is praying So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

So I was curious when would there be exactly 2,000 days until the year 2,000. I calculated time and time again, very carefully and found this:  Between Sunday July 10, 1994 and January 1, 2000 it would be ‘a space’ of exactly 2,000 days. I guessed in those days end 1993 not many did already think about the year 2000. Now, I called my cousin, Joachim Mall, he has a graphic agency in Pforzheim/Germany and I said: what about this idea – let’s make a giant calendar sheet and let’s show in public anywhere just on July 10, 1994 when it will be still 2000 days until the year 2000. Well, he was impressed and we started ‘our’ ‘Project 2000’. To make a long story short: You may go to Joachim’s website where we have details about this .(unfortunately only in German Language ).


Part 6 – The ‘significance’ of a date: July 10, 1994 (today exactly 20 years ago!!!)

The realization of that project was just a miracle!!!! It was finally all quite different from what we planned!! We planned to plotter 2000 sheets of paper, print them like puzzle pieces in cuttings and then fix together and cover with transparent plastic. The end-size would be around 9 meters by 15 meters: We liked to get Guinness Record! But: the plotter and computer techniques in those days …  :(  we could not handle and fix it. Well, exactly 7 days before the date July 10 we realized we would not make it!!! We were desperate! We liked to have a BIG! Calendar event and we had send out already 2000 invitations! To addresses of companies, public organizations, to Church denominations, to all international embassies in Germany, to media, radio, tv stations etc. … What to do? Now, all at once we ‘knew’ we had to go to a manufactory here in our nearby town who makes flags for clubs and public sector. Could they help?


When I entered the store of the flag company there was a friendly man… and behind him in the shelves were placed some of the company’s manufactured flags and banners and so on… BUT exactly in the middle there was a book placed …The Yearbook 1993! On the cover that famous photo of the Oslo handshake! Wow!!!


Well, to make it short: the company had those flag cloth panels and they started immediately – because time was very short! and they tried to fix the panels together to our required sizes… However 2 days later they called and said: our sewing machines cannot finish those sizes! So we went there – took altogether and a young lady (Monica) needled/sew 39 hours almost nonstop in her garden.


In our greenhouse we did place the cloth and did write the texts on it word by word by hand ! (it was from the Book of Gospel of Matthew chapters 24 and 25).

Well, on Friday July 8! We were still in the greenhouse writing the texts… afternoon I received a fax from Jerusalem!!! >From Ludwig Schneider (the founder of - We did send to them also the information that we do plan a calendar event) Wow!!! This fax from Jerusalem was so refreshing!!! “…we are living of the birth pangs of the Messiah” Ludwig Schneider wrote then and he sent G-d’s blessings!


Finally –Just in time – Sunday July 10, 1994 we could lift by G-d’s and men help the giant calendar sheet!!! Amazing: there did come only few people to our calendar event…


But we knew, this was a miracle… by G-d …Just a special one week ‘creation’…

Later we found in a Devotional by the late Richard Wurmbrand (Jew, Christian, martyr in Romania) this wonderful text (think about – we had a big “10” on our sheet!):


And God blessed the seventh day (Genesis 2, 3)    

In the Bible the figure 7 is the symbol of holiness.   

"Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied" (Jude 14).
Every seventh year the land had to remain untilled.
When seven times seven years passed, the Jews had the year of Jubilee, in which all the land sold in the meantime returned to its first possessor.
The days of the creation were seven;
seven of each clean animal were saved from the flood.
In the Gospel of John, Jesus says in seven ways who He is.
 On the cross He pronounces seven words. The Book of Revelation contains letters to seven churches, etc.

Why is just the figure 7 the sacred figure? The Chaldeans did not have our decimal system, but a heximal one, e.g. six figures and a zero.
The decimal system is arbitrary.
In the computers men use the binary system, having only a 1 and a 0.
In the heximal system, our 7 was written 10, because there were no more than six figures. Seven became the holy figure because in looking to its written form "10" it symbolized the fact that if you put before the 0, sign of human nothingness, the 1, sign of the one God,
 the insignificant man becomes important, more important than all the simple figures.

The Jews were descendants of the Chaldeans. So the 7 became their holy figure. In opposition to 7, 6, being the last simple figure, became the symbol of everything petty. The number of the apocalyptic beast is six, six, and again six (Rev. 13:18), which means a trifle, a trifle, and again a trifle.
A lamb can destroy it.

If you are an impersonation of the 7, a man who has denied himself and has become a 0; and if God, "the one," has put Himself as a shield before you,
then don't fear huge beasts.

They are paper tigers.
You will be the victor.”

Richard Wurmbrand
( „Reaching Toward the Heights“
 –  Daily Devotions – July 29)

Richard Wurmbrand (1909 – 2001) was a Romanian evangelical Christian minister, author, and educator who spent a total of fourteen years imprisoned in Romania. 
During his imprisonment,
he was beaten and tortured.
He was the founder of
Voice of the Martyrs

His best-known book
is entitled Tortured for Christ.

Richard Wurmbrand


Well ….  finally we  got the Guinness entry (in the german edition of the year book 1996 on page 276)  !



Part 7 – The ‘significance’ of a date: 7th Month, 10th Day

Later I was sometimes pondering this: The date isn’t that amazing: 7th Month, 10th Day – it is according to the Book of Leviticus 25, the Day of Atonement, and also the Day when a Jubilee has to be proclaimed.

By the way I was very deeply moved how the Temple Institute did day by day the Omer Counting this April, May … a kind of “Counting up”… also the commemorating of Yom Yerushalayim and the efforts of MK Moshe Feiglin did move me.

Well, perhaps this was what did also refresh our memory back to our Project 2000 ! Of course sometimes I found some interesting dates in connection with our date! And begin 2001 and 2002  about up to 2004 we did count days past 2000… :) But the project  ‘idea’ did fade away…


Finally I found 2 exciting dates! First: I always believed there had to be some “proof” of relevance of “our” date July 10 … (Gregorian Calendar) in “connection” to the “Hebrew Calendar” ! so to speak to get a point in time (July 10, 1994) recognizing  “the evidence” of The ‘significance’ of a date: 7th Month, 10th Day!

This is what we found:


a) we counted 2000 days until the beginning of a “round” date (Year 2000).

Counting further – Counting Up: until 7,000 days we came to Sunday September 8, 2013 which was (according to the sighting ! of the new moon!) Yom Teruah – First of the month Tishrei 5774 !!!


b) and this is the most amazing: when in 1994 my cousin Joachim showed me the blueprint of the calendar sheet I marveled and wondered why he did “design” it in that way. … please take a look at the photo: the headline says “2000 bis 2000” and the bottom line also “2000 bis 2000” – which means “2000 until 2000” (a countdown – count up).

Well when you add those 4 times 2000 … you get just 8,000 … in other words where would we be 8,000 days counting from July 10, 1994…?... or in other words 6,000 days from Jan 1, 2000 ???


Look what you get:

There will be exactly 8,000 days (a “space” of 4 times 2000) since ‘our’ 7th Month, 10th Day then in 1994 and you have:


·  Sun, 5 June 2016 = 28th of Iyyar, 5776  = Yom Yerushalayim !!!! which will be exactly 49 years since 1967 !!!!


Remember Leviticus 25, 10 And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years.

11 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.


Here you have the “10th day of 7th month – connection…. On Sun June 5, 2016 … 49 years will be complete since Israel recaptured Jerusalem…  it shall be a Jubilee … THE Jubilee ???


Well, time will tell, anyway, things moving quickly!

Thanks for reading,

Blessings and Shalom

Friedrich and Joachim

July 10, 2014


P.S. Wednesday, September 23, 2015 will be 10th of Tishrei, 5776 - 10th day of 7th month - Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement – exactly !!! 17,640 days since June 7, 1967 !

17,640 days are 49 years x 360 days! (“Seven WEEKS” …. “seven times seven years” per 360 days)