Fay (27 July 2014)
"Replacement Theology"


Hi John and Doves,

Like many of you, I simply don't have the time to sit through hours of video - particularly when the material is against the very fabric of my faith. Israel - physical Israel - is the land designated as GOD'S land. God instructed His prophets - throughout the Bible, that HIS people - HIS wife, Israel, would be brought back to HIS land. Argue as much as you will - the Jewish people were brought back into the land in 1948. Just as GOD said they would be. Without the land of Israel- the return of her people, Israel - ALL prophecy becomes null and void. In view of obvious, unfolding prophecy today - happening in front of our VERY eyes, involving the land and people of Israel, all 'replacement theology' becomes laughable. Once again (VERY weary sigh) it is agreed that Israel hasn't behaved very well. If we claim to have behaved any better - as nations and peoples, then we are delusional.

Israel is Israel. As are her people. Get over it, already.