Elliot Hong (6 July 2014)
""On a holiday?""

Dear Doves:
Recently Obama, Dick Cheney and Fox News warned a possible nuclear terror attack
in the near future, and it reminded me a "On a holiday?" that Jim Bramlett posted a
while ago as below.
As I wrote in the post of June 29, 4 years of Luke 13:6-9 could be applied for Vincent
Tan's testimony of $2.34 which many thought indicating the 234th Independence Day.
As it's written in 2 Kings chapter 2, before Elijah was taken up to heaven in a whirlwind,
G-d sent him to 4 different places(Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho, Jordan).
Could these 4 places be meant 4 years from 2010 to 2014 as well?
We shall know soon.
                                                "On a holiday?"
Dear friends:
This afternoon Rev. Ron Patterson told me about two recent prophetic dreams, or night
visions, of a long-time friend of his, whose name is Jerry.
Jerry, he said, is a very solid and credible guy who rarely has such experiences. But in the
past, whenever he has had a prophetic dream, Ron says that they always came to pass
exactly as Jerry saw them. Because of that, Ron has learned to take very seriously any
such experience that Jerry has. If Ron takes something seriously, then I take it seriously.
These two dreams were in the past couple of days.
1. The first one was very brief and all he remembers is that there was a powerful shaking,
    like from an explosion or an earthquake, and he was not sure which.
2. The second one was in more detail. He was on a golf course, and it was some holiday,
    and weather was noticeably warm, such as Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day, but
    which he did not know. It is possible that it could be any of of those days. While the
    people were enjoying this normal holiday, all of sudden, there were two intense happenings.
    First, there was a fervent heat, and people were being disintegrated. Second, there were
    some people who were not being disintegrated, and in stead they were zooming upward
    a great light. Christ was there, in a cloud, and they were zooming up to Him. After this, at
    the end of the dream, Christ caused a writing in the sky, which read, "ARE YOU READY?"
Jerry realizes this does not mean that when the rapture happens there will be writing in the
sky, but he believes this writing is in keeping with the purpose of the dream-- a warning.