Rowina (30 July 2013)
"Beautiful da Vinci picture of Jesus may be found on PBS"


"Salvatore Mundi" is the name of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, which was featured last night, Sunday, on PBS.

It was "lost" for many years, and "painted over" badly by people who did not know how to restore paintings.

In 2011, it was restored properly (I would say properly because of the evidence of the painting which one may see on this show).

The painting, I would say, looks like a proper and Spirit-informed rendering of Jesus' face on the shroud of Turin.  It is worth looking at the whole video presentation just to see this painting in its restored glory.

Other renditions of this painting, or attempts to copy it, fall flat:  I looked on Wikipedia, and I suggest that you do not bother, as the renditions are not inspired.  In fact, bad.

Leonardo lived in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, at the time of the Renaissance.  He was a sinner, of course.  Not a perfect person.  But his work was so great that even in his own day he was called
a genius all of his adult life.

I expect that this segment from PBS may be found on their website, or the video is probably listed for purchase.  Having a "print" of the painting would not give the same effect, so I won't bother with that.  Look under "Leonardo da Vinci."

Once I was on tour which went to art museums in Europe, and I saw the original of a painting by Rembrandt, The Night Watch.  It was not the same as any print ever made of it, which I had seen before in college or elsewhere.  It was so powerful that it reduced me to big fat tears right there in the gallery.  

Seeing "Salvatore Mundi" on a video, rather than a print, may be the next best thing to seeing the original.

Mariel Rowina