Michelle (30 July 2013)
"What does this dream mean? Two different parts"

What does this dream mean?

I don't remember most of it but there are a couple things that seemed important.

There was a guy at a school. He shot me in front of mom. In the dream it looked like I was dead. Somehow,by the Grace of God,I manged to get off the ground and onto the computer and I started to type out the gospel. And I don't know how but I managed to somehow get the gun and turned it into a counsler from my old high school.

There was a boy,Sean. He was a bully in real life. In the dream though he was really interested in deep topics like we have on here. I forget if he told me to look up or if I told him to look up. There was this robotic dragon in the sky. It eventually went in the clouds and wasn't ever seen again.