Frank Molver (30 July 2013)
"Charles re the bewitched term"
Thanks Charles
I figured some body would reply
Part of the problem is the format
Instant reply unmonitored can be dangerous
So that is why I like it here
Notice I did not mention where or who it came from
So that is only known by the participans
My thoughts on this all started with a person who was sharing elaborate self glorifying dreams that people thought were from God
This occurred some where else
So the thought just kind of grew from there
Last year I noted an article re Zionism from this person that was skewed too much and some got upset
So, sometimes when you see a particular conflict you may have to go back a ways.
A person can share a lot of good, but after a while you may begin to see problems concerning their understanding of Christianity
So if a person starts trying to dismantling the basics without correction, I have a problem with that
Perhaps you recall me sharing my personal experience of going to hell briefly before I became a Christian.
 I hope you understand why it is I get upset when someone who is giving you the impression that they are grounded in the word would dispute the reality of hell and get away with it.
All sorts of people come and go at these web sites
But really there is not much accountability  accept by a moderator or the participants checking each other
But it has to be done if we are really contending for the faith
The things that I mentioned where all admitted
Not fellow shipping by attending church, calling all churches Babylon, thinking tithing is unnecessary, trying to dismiss some harsh Biblical realities, such as hell by using a different interpretation.
They all say the same thing.
It is obviously rebellion.
So contrary to their thinking, it is not enlightenment
I was not speaking about everything that is shared at this place
I was speaking of not dealing with certain things that were shared there.
BTW, I might be a frank but I am not the wurst, though some might beg to differ