Frank Molver (23 July 2013)
"re Bewitched churches and prophetic web sites"

I earlier wrote about this where witchcraft has been used to take down churches and web sites
This some times happens with people who claim to be, or think they are Christians.
Knowing we are real Christians is what  David B wrote about.
We know we are really saved when Jesus changes our heart, because that is what He says he will do, and does.
Now witchcraft is also described as stubbornness in the bible
So someone who is always tearing things down that are part of Christian basic doctrine or bible basics  would probably fit into that category
I don't think that there is any church or web site that has not been attacked in some sort of way
Fortunately here, John is the unseen hand that filters things out.
When a discussion gets too heated and unproductive in a Christian spirit, he shuts it down
But he does allow discussion that others prevent, and many of us appreciate that
However some sites, even those who advertise here seem to have difficulty defending basic scriptural truths.
That is how the Church has been made weak and lost, it always leads to compromise
I would have to says a bewitched person is anyone who has a hatred for church, fellowshipping, tries to tear down basic biblical truths, refuses to participate in supporting the church,and has a hatred towards Israel
This is demonically inspired thinking and it is meant to destroy.
If it is allowed with out being refuted it will destroy
We really need to know how defend the bible, to stand up for the truth or we will lose..