Frank Molver (11 July 2013)
"Patti, the real problem with your 10 virgin interpretation"


What you have proposed about the 10 virgins not applying to Christians is a recurrent discussion.
Although  yours is a little different, it still has the same effect
It pretty much boils down to whether Christians are accountable for their lifestyle after they are saved or not
Your argument basically says no
You can live anyway you wish after you are saved and still be raptured
You said you see no correlation between the 10 virgin parable and the warnings to the churches in Revelations.
Well, there have been others here in the past that believe that the warnings to those churches are only meant for the non believers who are attending those churches.
You see, it is the same mind set
The only thing that matters to them is that Jesus died for their sin.
So that means, to their thinking, that even deciding to follow Jesus in their life style is works
So they do not concern them selves with living a separated or sanctified life style, because to them that is works
It is the once saved always saved concept
Not everyone here believes that
Some of us actually believe you can wilfully walk away from God, and suffer the consequences
So what you are proposing in your writing is this
The warning in the 10 virgins parable to live a sanctified and prepared lifestyle is something that Christians can ignore because it does not apply to them
But, there are consequences
And that is what the rapture is all about.