Bob Anderson (30 July 2013)
"In the Beginning Was the Word - Now the Word Is on an App -"

WOW! Praise the Lord. One hundred million downloads of a BIBLE app! That's 100,000,000 Bibles on tablets and phones. Does this say something about the "believing remnant" in this nation?

At the moment I know nothing about this church, but I will attempt to discover more. A link to its website is embedded in the article. Evidently it is establishing congregations on college campuses.

This doesn't, of course, mean one hundred million born again believers, although my prayer certainly is that all come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, there are a lot of "born agains" who haven't downloaded the app. Let's assume it averages out and there is a "believing remnant" of one hundred million.

Can we imagine what the instant disappearance of one hundred million would do to this nation?  It would be a greater disaster than the combined force of Russia and China could even hope to attain and a greater disaster than any conceivable natural disaster could wreak. America would be an instant third world or worse country. And Israel would be left dangling, without a single ally or friend ... except God.

I need another Bible app on my iPhone like a hole in the head, paricularly one that offers 600 translations. Nevertheless, I am already trying to resist the urge to download it as I write. I know that I'll sucumb and download it, if for no other reason than to satisfy my curiousity.