Rowina (2 July 2012)
"Barry, thank you for the David Flynn video. Hallelujah for that. Awake and Sing (Isaiah 19:26)"


I can't watch much, with my eyes hurt by the smoke we had here a month ago from fires, but I can listen, and listen I did,
to the part after 49 as you said.  I will go back and listen to the whole video when I have finished my work.

This is a seminal video.  It explains much to me.  I have found Tom Horn's explanations about the last days judgments very
interesting, yet this made it even equally clear to me.  that the fallen angels are cast down as those accounted righteous rise.
Very interesting.  

At present I am trying to read Temple at the Center of Time for the first time.  I ordered it from Amazon.  I order about one book
a year, saving money that way, and this one is this year's book.  I may order two books this year, if Cydonia is coming out.  I
have found it difficult to understand David Flynn because he talks a lot about non-Biblical books, but in this case he shows
how these books are related to the Bible.  And I love his use of my favorite rapture passage, Isaiah's 'Wake and sing", which
speaks of the literal physical resurrection of the dead. (Isaiah 19:26).  Many people do not realize that the Old Testament has two
passages like this one in Isaiah, the other one being in Job, likewise speaking of Job's confidence that he will arise physically
at the end of days.  Many people say the Jews didn't believe in this; well, here are two witnesses who did believe, Isaiah and Job.

These passages from Isaiah and Job are good witnessing tools to Jews who don't know their own scriptures very well.  I find they
are surprises to most Christians as well, that is, those who have not studied the Bible very carefully.  You can see Awake and Sing
in their eyes if you tell them about these.