KML (2 July 2012)
"IS THE RAPTURE THIS YEAR " 2012" ? The numbers add up ! " Mar Chesvan ""

Hello John and Doves
I have felt an urgency to calculate the generations and determine if this truly could be the year and the generation. I listened to Jack Van Impi as to a generation being 52 years. He arrived at this number differently than I, but it fits. I will share with you my calculations. I know many here may feel that a Jubilee is 49 years, but it is the 50th year. 7x7=49 then the next year is Jubilee. The 50th year, and the 7 count begins again. I base this on the understanding that (1000 years are as A day) unto the Lord. If we take Gen 6:3 where The Lord say's that the days of man will be 120 years, I believe these are jubilees. When we multiply 50 yrs a Jubilee x 120 it =s 6000 years. SIX days unto the Lord. The SEVENTH is the Sabbath, the last 1000 yrs in which Jesus dwells among men. A time of Rest.
God has given Israel The Book of Jubilees in order that they do not go wrong in the counting of Years. We know that God knew they would anyway, but that is the purpose of " The Book of Jubilees".
That aside; LETS BEGIN
6000 yrs
We are in yr 2012 AD after Christs death. Where is His life ?
4000 yrs from Adam to Christ.
+033 yrs of Christs Life
4033 Messiah is cut off, but not for Himself ( the 62 weeks in Daniel )

69 weeks -62 weeks= 7 more sets of 7 yrs 7x7=49 more yrs =ing 483 yrs of 490 yrs

4033 + 49 = 4082 yrs
6000 - 4082= 1918  Turkish Ottoman Empire [ended] and Jerusalem no longer in their control. "The 7TH Empire"
1917 was the actual  end of the Empire, but were not out of Jerusalem until 1918.
1917 +50 yrs a Jubilee =1967
much like the Belfore Declaration in 1947, but Israel did not take the land until 1948.

52 yrs a generation X 42 generations from Abraham to Messiah Matt 1:17 = 2184 + 33yrs of Jesus life = 2217 yrs
2217 yrs + 2012 present yr = 4229 yrs from Abraham to present day.
6000 - 4229= 1771 yrs from Adam to Abraham

2012AD- 1967AD = 45 yrs + 7 years (Daniel's 70th week) = 52 yrs (a generation).
Jerusalem had to be in the control of Israel ! THIS IS THE GENERATION THAT WILL NOT PASS UNTIL ALL THESE THINGS BE FULFILLED.  Praise the Lord !
1967 was the Last Jubilee yr. Jubilee 119
1967 + 50 yrs = 2017 JUBILEE YEAR 120 and THE 70th week of Daniel is finished.

I found it interesting in my studies, that there was 45 days from the serpent in the Garden until Adam and Eve went out of the Garden. [ 2nd month 17th day to the 4th month New Moon]
There are also 45 days following tribulation before Jesus ushers in his Kingdom.
God declaring the end from the beginning.
2nd Month 17th day the serpent came
2nd Month 17th day the flood waters began
Please understand that the Month of Noah's flood was Mar Chesvan, the 8th month of the New Hebrew calendar, which is October. Where in the scripture it is called the 2nd month. Please listen to this video from the Temple Institute.

Mar Chesvan
I believe the judgement will come in the last days as it did in the days of the flood, and I have no reason to think God will not bring it about in October. We can go at any time before that date. God said in Habakkuk 1:6 For lo,'I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not theirs. 2:3 ) For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
We can be wrong in our suplications, but it will still come in his appointed time.
Blessed are those who look forward to and love his appearing ! We will not be disappointed.

In the twinkle of an eye we can be gone at any momment.
Keep Looking Up everybody ! It could be TODAY !
Come Lord Jesus !