Jennie (24 July 2012)
"RE: Renee M."


A year ago,  the Lord gave me a Very Strong Vision.  He placed in my RIGHT HAND, a hand full of WHEAT.  When I looked down,  I KNEW IT WAS IMPORTANT AND THE RAPTURE WAS AT HAND!!  
Everyone is talking about TU B' AV  which is August 3rd.   I read this is the END OF THE WHEAT HARVEST.
The second Major Vision I had was a Peasant from the old days handing me a SCROLL!!  On the Scroll was an INVITATION TO A HARVEST FESTIVAL.   I felt in my spirit at that moment, IT WAS THE WHEAT HARVEST!!!
I believe Jesus showed me that the Rapture will happen at the END OF THE WHEAT HARVEST SOMETIME!!  
WE NEED TO BE READY NOW!!!                HE IS COMING                     YSIC  JENNIE