Jean Stepnoski (16 July 2012)
"Anniversary Dates of 2520-2550 Days: From Summer 2005 to Summer in 2012"


Dear Doves,
      The 70th Week of Daniel includes 1260 days then 1290 then 45 for a total of 2595 from start to completion. As of 9-23-2005, all residents and security were gone from The Gaza and communities affected in the West Bank. A period of 2520 (1260 days plus 1260 days) ends on 8-16-2012 on Av 28. A period of 2550 days (1260 days plus 1290 days) goes to Tishri 1 (The Feast of Trumpets) in 2012! The new year of 5772 begins on this date. Curious timing.
      The original deadline for expulsions complete, of residents not remaining security forces, was to be by sundown on 8-14-2005, the conclusion of Av 9 in 2005. Two days of additional time were extended and the expulsions began as of 8-17-2005 according to the Bill Koenig book, The Eye of the Storm. Which day seems to be the more significant, Av 9 (Original Expulsions Deadline), Av 12 (Extended Expulsions Deadline/Expulsions Begun) or Av 18 (666) (Expulsions of Residents Complete) in 2005? It appears to be Av 18 (666), 9-23-2005, since that is THE DAY when the expulsions of the residents were complete and Katrina began to form as a tropical depression. The date of 8-23-2005 was the date for the tragic completion of  "they divided my land" of what was called Land for Peace: Phase One. From 8-23-2005 have been the sending of curses, not blessings, for a nation breaking the Abrahamic Covenant. What day did they begin to be sent by Abba Father, the stronger partner, in the Eternal Covenant made with Abraham? THIS WAS A RED LETTER DATE, 9-23-2005, Av 18 (666). Is there a pattern of  7 years of plenty, followed by 7 years of famine and want and suffering, as in the life of Joseph? The Book of Genesis 12:1-4 avails us much to reread and consider about The Covenant. The date of Av 18 (666) in 2005 was a date of SPIRITUAL WATERSHED, SPIRITUAL SEA CHANGE. Do we have a warning of 2520-2550 days, about 7 Scriptural Years, until near the 2520-2550 day period begins of The 70th Week of Daniel, the final shavua? Is there a bracketing of two 7 year periods with The Blessed Hope in the middle of them as THE DAY OF TRANSITION? Where these anniversary dates arrive after 2520 or 2550 days from Summer in 2005 to this Summer of 2012 are worth noting and pondering. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,