Carol Garza (19 July 2012)
"To Edward re: Prophesy"

Greetings Edward!

I thank you so very much for sharing your testimony and the Word God gave you with us.

Most if not all of us believe this is the year of "reckoning".  Reading your post was so timely.

I had just gotten off the phone with a friend I have been disciplining  and ministering to.

I have spent an enormous amount of time teaching him how to pray the Word of God, teaching him THE Word of God for he does not read.  He does not like to read anything, not newspapers, books, magazines.  And that includes the Bible.

But we are told in Romans, Faith comes from hearing and hearing...hearing what ??? the WORD of GOD.

So I pray the WORD of GOD with him and email him scriptures and passages.

For someone who does not read the WORD on his own, I praise the LORD for the understanding and commitment my friend has to the LORD JESUS.  He is truly saved and washed in the Precious Blood of the LAMB.

I have shared scriptures and taught him on the Power of the Cleansing Blood of Jesus.

I have not focused a whole lot on the last days we are living in as he is still learning to wear the FULL ARMOUR OF GOD and not to remove it.

This morning, I got very strong with him.  I told him, there are things I had not yet shared with him before but I felt to start.

I went out on a limb, telling him there might not be an election this year even though there are 2 candidates running for the office of the presidency.

I shared some other things concerning the rapture ( which I have shared with him before just not in great depth. )

I told him time as we know it is coming to a close and it is all the more reason to stay connected to the Living Word of God.  I told him to pray for his family, for his neighbors, for his co-workers, for our city, for our country to be convicted of our/their sins and repent. Time as we know it has run out and life is going to get very bad in the very near future but our GOD has made a way to escape for those trusting in JESUS and His Precious Blood.

I was very strong with my words.

When I read your post in particular, I knew what I shared with my friend was under the unction of the Holy Spirit!!!

The 5 doves posts in the last few weeks have been very powerful and very sobering.

I have been a serious watcher since 2005 but had been growing weary of watching this past year.  Not weary of the CHRIST...just weary of seeing dates come and go.

  Little by little the FIRE in my belly began to grow stronger again...especially via the 5 doves posts this month.

Your post However, was the match that ignited the fire ball in my belly!!!

Thank you Edward and thank YOU DOVES, especially JOHN TNG for stirring up the flame in my spirit!!

BLESSINGS TO ALL in abundance as we get ready for our departure!!!!  Hooray - Hooray!!

Come Lord JESUS!!  The SPIRIT and the BRIDE say COME!

Carol Garza
I got saved in San Diego in 1975!!!  :-)