Carl Worline (4 July 2012)
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Dear John,
I have never posted on your web site before and I would like to post this.  I hope this is the correct address to send it.
I am sure everybody here has heard about Rabbi Yitzack Kaduri's statement that the rapture will occur during the month of Av in the Hebrew year of 5772.  However, there are a few things that have not been mentioned that I feel are important and need be mentioned.
When Kaduri died in 2006 he was somewhere between 103 and 113 years old, depending on which source you read.  Apparently his mind was not ravaged by dementia.  There are several places in the Bible where it alludes to a long and fruitful life being a sign that the individual found favor in God's eyes.  This, I feel, lends credibility to Kaduri.
The Bible tells us to test the spirits (Can't remember the exact chapter and verse here).  We are told that a person who says that Jesus is the Son of God and the one and only means to the Father, and thus salvation, is speaking on behalf of God.  If a person says anything different they are a false prophet.  Obviously Kaduri passes this test.  In fact, I think it is very significant that Kaduri wrote what he did and then sealed it in the envelope that was to be opened one year after his death.  That one sentence not only proclaimed the name of the Messiah to the Jews, but it also established his credibility as a true prophet at the same time.
According to Kaduri's son, who was 80 when Kaduri died, the vision that his father had of meeting the Messiah in a vision had a very deep and profound affect on the rest of his life.  One of the signs that a vision or a near death experience is real is that it has a deep and profound positive impact on the rest of the person's life.
In 2006 I would have not believed the report by Kaduri that the rapture would happen in 5772 (2012 in Gregorian dating) because I would have expected the rapture to happen long before then.  However, we are now in 2012 and there are so many signs that we are not only in the final days of the Age of Grace, but that we are in the final moments.  But anyway, if Kaduri was guessing (and I do not think that he was) then he was mighty darn accurate.  In fact, I feel he was too accurate to have been guessing.  I believe that Jesus actually told him.
Notice how Kaduri was given a possible time frame of a month, but not the day or the hour.  It is like Jesus stayed within His parameters of not revealing the "day or hour" but still gave the Jews a final warning to get ready that was a time frame more narrow and specific than He has in the past.  God's chosen people are the Jews.  I think it is only natural that God would give His chosen people an additional warning to get ready.
I am not exactly certain, but it appears from what I have found in my research that Kaduri was the chief rabbi of Israel.  The Jews do not have a chief priest, like they did a couple thousand years ago.  Therefore, it would seem to me that the chief rabbi would be roughly equivalent to being a chief priest.  But if I am right, then Kaduri certainly has a tremendous amount of credibility when speaking about the Messiah and His return.
Many believe the rapture will occur on some purely random date because Jesus said that He was coming at a time when we would not be expecting Him.  Everything that God has created, from the movements of stars and planets throughout the heavens to the most minute sub-atomic particle, moves and occurs with the precision that far exceeds the finest Swiss watch.  I see nothing in the universe that happens randomly.  Therefore I expect to see the Messiah return on a day that is significant in some way.  Good seems to place a huge emphasis on traditions and on dates.
Many believe that the rapture will not occur on a Jewish holiday because the rapture is about the Church, and the Church is all about the gentiles, rather than the Jews.  I totally disagree.  The rapture will bring about the end of the Age of Grace and it will be the point on the timeline when God turns His attention from taking a people for Himself (the Church) back to His chosen people, the Jews.  Therefore, I would really expect the rapture to occur on a day that has some significance to the Jews.
Throughout the Bible the rapture is compared to the traditions of the Jewish wedding.  I would expect the rapture to occur on a day that would fit into this comparison.
As we all know, Av runs from July 20th to August 18th this year.  During that time I know of 2 days of significance to the Jews. One of these days is Tu B'Av, which is roughly equivalent to Valentines Day in the US and is a day in which many Jewish weddings are held.  This would certainly be a logical day for a groom to come for His bride.
Based on Yitzack's statement that the rapture will occur during the month of Av in the year 5772, I feel the entire time frame between July 19-20 thru August 18th should be a major watch time, with the most probable time during this range of days being Tu B'Av, which occurs on August 2-3.
Carl Worline
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