Elliot Hong (28 Jan 2024)
"Shevat 17-19 or The 58th Super Bowl in The Sin City"

Dear Doves:


Shevat 17(1/27) is 10 months from Nisan 17 last year and 10 means Completion.
1/27 is 50(Liberation) days from 12/8/23 which was the first day of Hanukkah.
"Leave The World Behind" was released on 12/8/23.
1/27 is 17 days from the Perfect Sign of 1/11.
17 means Victory and is the number of 153 fishes.
Jimmy Lishman received "27" as a closure.
1/27 is Auschwitz Liberation Day and International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
If SD occurs on 1/27, the Firstfruits Bride shall be birthed on 1/29(Shevat 19).
29 means Departure.
2 months ago, Kim Fisher published this video "19 Heart 19 Hurt" as below.


This message says "You will realize a restoration is about to happen. Be ready when
I arrive in the clouds for you. Sin City will reveal a hidden agenda for these unfortunate
sheep who have lost their way. They will weep, wail and gnash their teeth after I've
taken my firstfruits of the Harvest"
The 58th Super Bowl in the Sin City on 2/11 is 4417 days from the Tim Tebow's miraculous game.
44 means Death and Destruction.
2/11 is 10 years 1 month(11) from the death of Ariel Sharon and 11 means Judgment.
58 is 13(5+8) which means Apostasy and Rebellion and SD could occur on 2/11(Double Judgment).
2/11 is Adar I(12)/2 and the Firstfruits Bride shall be birthed on Adar I(12)/4 which fits to $2.34.
Valentine's Day(2/14) begins from the sunset of Adar I(12)/4.
2/11 happens to be the Chinese New Year of the Blue Dragon which is connected to Rev.12.
Previously, I introduced a pastor who heard "hua long dian jing" (paint the dragon dot the eyes) from the Lord.
In ancient time, there was a famous painter Zhang Seung Yao.
He was asked to draw dragons on the wall of the temple.
He drew 4 dragons, but there were no eyes.
People asked why and he answered that "If I draw eyes, it will become alive and fly away."
But people demanded, and when he drew eyes of the first dragon, it flew away as the thunder and lightning hit.
So the meaning of this Chinese idiom is that putting the final touch on something to bring it life.
Although this video is not in English, there will be no problem to understand.
It's possible that God could begin the new work from the lunar New Year.

Hopefully one of 2 above suggestions becomes a reality.