Steve Mullin (8 Jan 2023)
"Akiane's painting--The Prince of Peace"

If you've never heard the story of this unbelievably talented artist Akiane--you should see her work! When she was 8 years old, she painted what is titled the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. It instantly rang true for me when I saw it. In the movie Heaven is For Real where the Christian child Colton Burpo had a near death experience and saw Jesus, he said this painting is the most accurate depiction of Jesus he has seen!

She was 8 years old in 2003 when it was painted but somehow, whether it was stolen or accidentally sold, it went missing for many years. Remarkably whoever had it faced an untimely death and the painting was sold for $850,000 and then returned to Akiane! This short video clip shows her receiving it and seeing it again for the first time in 2019!

How Jesus Saved His Own Portrait...The True Story of Akiane's Lost Masterpiece