Steve Mullin (8 Jan 2023)
"Nisan 10 to Nisan 14 and Lazarus"

Jesus finds out that Lazarus died but doesn't arrive there for four days. When he does arrive, Jesus makes an interesting statement that Lazarus would be resurrected for the glory of God! That fits with the four days equaling 4,000 years from Adam and the resurrection of the Passover lamb after 4 days, Jesus Christ!. The New Testament says a day is as a thousand years and A thousand years is as a day. It's also why the transfiguration, a type of the rapture happened "after 6 days.." meaning 6k years. Creation was 6 days followed by 1 Day of rest, a Hebrew week is 6 days followed by 1 day of rest, and each Age is 6,000 years followed by 1,000 years of rest. That also aligns with the feast of unleavened bread--divided into 3 pieces,the middle piece called the afikomen is striped and pierced during baking then hidden away and found amid great joy. That's Jesus, the bread of life being striped and pierced, placed in a tomb, then found resurrected! He came at 4k years, he comes back at 6k years!

Steve M