K.S. Rajan (8 Jan 2023)
"Expectations—2023 By Hal Lindsey"


By Hal Lindsey
At the beginning of a new year, we usually take stock. We look back on the previous year and ahead to the new one. To us, the future is obscure. But to God, everything is present tense. He sees future and past as a single, all-encompassing “now.” So, when we wonder about that which lies ahead, we can look to His word. What has He told us?
He gave many promises and revealed much about our futures as individuals. He also laid out what’s coming for planet earth. That does not mean we can give the precise geopolitical conditions of 2023. Bible prophecy is not arranged in 365-day intervals. But the Bible gives a great deal of information about the time just before Christ’s return. And that fits what we now see. By looking at where the world is and where it will be, we can have a good idea about the road we are on and where it will lead.
Here are a few trends that will probably apply to 2023. Some are encouraging, but many are not — at least not in the short term. 
Widespread mental chaos. As people turn from truth, they are left with lies (Romans 1:18-32). The world seems bent on turning away from God, and toward Satan. Jesus said of the devil, “He is a liar, and the father of lies” (John 8:44, NASB). Following a liar sets people adrift on a sea of confusion, darkness, and despair. In talking about the last days, Jesus repeatedly warned that it would be a time of deception — i.e., fake news, gaslighting, hype, duplicity, and fraud.
Confusion. When people lose the ability to discern truth from error, it affects everything. They question basic and obvious concepts, such as the differences between “boys and girls.” Many begin to see their Christian and Jewish neighbors as dangerous, leading to increased antisemitism and persecution of Christians.
A darker world. Chaos of the mind leads to anguish which in turn leads to more drug abuse — just as the Bible predicts. Drugs feed into increasing levels of crime and violence. Trying to protect itself from crime and violence, society further restricts human rights. Lawlessness leads to the loss of freedom, and Jesus said the last days would be a time of lawlessness.
Opportunities for witness. Drowning people long for buoyancy and stability. The followers of Jesus may be increasingly shunned by society, but they will have increased opportunities for personally sharing the Gospel with others.
Dying churches. The real Church will not and cannot die. But there are organizations everywhere that claim Christ, even as they reject His word. These will fall deeper and deeper into darkness.
The real Gospel of Jesus stands in stark contrast to the increasing ugliness of a Satanic world order. 2023 will provide unique opportunities to express God’s love by sharing His word.
For that reason and others, I can still say… Happy New Year!