Gino (8 Jan 2023)
"RE: Donna Danna: 01.01.23: dancing on pulpit"

    Probably the evil spirits behind these things want there to be blasphemy, and they know that is blasphemy.
The question I have is regarding the humans involved.
Do they blaspheme simply because they want to blaspheme, or are they so deceived that they think what they're saying, or doing, is actually good?
When they call evil good, and good evil, are they thinking about purposely being provocative, by turning things around?
Or do they have reprobate minds, to where they think what they are saying is correct?
They are still responsible for what they do, as was Judas, even though he was a devil, and for a time, the wicked one even entered him.

There are many thing being promoted in churches, schools, and libraries, that dramatically affect the upcoming generation.
25 years ago, most parents would have denied that such things could be promoted openly.
50 years ago, most parents would have cringed at the thought of the things now being promoted.
75 years ago, they would have protested somehow.
100 years ago, they would have done something about it.
150 years ago, they would have had some people publicly hanged.

It would seem that as the general populace moves farther and farther away from Jesus, and from the Bible,
    that those on the extreme fringes, move even further away, along with them, so that they are always far more gone than the general populace.
Related to that, it seems that the farther Christians in our country move away from Jesus and the Bible,
    that the general populace maintains a certain distance from that, in the wrong direction.
Like, as we slide, they also slide, but further, and as they slide further, the extremely fringe slide much further than that.
So, in a sense, are we helping out country to slide away from Jesus and the Bible?
It would be sad, if, that as the trumpet sounds and we go up, that severe fiery judgment falls on the country,
    then at the judgment seat of Christ, in heaven, we find out that if we would have repented of our personal sins and rebellions,
    that the country could have been spared the severe fiery judgment,
    and that there could have been many, many more who could have been saved, and be with us, with Jesus, in heaven?