Chance (8 Jan 2023)
"Glenn: My visit to Vatican City proves EVIL IS EVERYWHERE"

Hello John and Doves,
This is an interesting youtube from Glenn Beck.  He talks about the last time he visited the Vatican - when Benedict was Pope. 
Pope Francis (the current Pope) at Christmas, gave a dire warning to the Roman Curia, to be vigilant of demons lurking in the Vatican -  this was part of his Christmas address.  He said there is an 'elegant demon that comes with flowers in his hand' - he said his demon is lurking among the Vatican staff. 
Pope Francis warns of 'elegant demon' lurking among Vatican staff
The very long time personal secretary of Pope Benedict (who just died) has written a book - that his publisher says tells the truth about 'dark maneuvers, mysteries, and scandals that sullied the reputation of Pope Benedict'. Pope Benedict left under odd circumstances - first Pope to resign in some 600 years...
Beck had a very interesting story about his last visit at the Vatican in 2012 when Timothy Dolan was appointed by Pope Benedict to the College of Cardinals.  During this visit he met many Cardinals and was impressed by their piety, sincerity, and kind hearts - he said they were like Mother Theresa.  He said you could feel the spirit and kindness in these men. 
The Cardinal who was hosting Beck and his wife in the Vatican said to Beck, "You know why this is happening..."  Beck responded, "No."  And the Cardinal said 'there is a war inside the Vatican - a war between good and evil.  There are many political aspects.'  Beck said it sounded like a Vatican Deep State.  And Pope Benedict knew this...and he was 'stacking the deck' with good what President Trump was doing with judges and Supreme Court Justices.  Benedict was trying to make sure there was enough 'good ones' for when he was gone to hold back the onslaught.  (About a year later, Benedict was no longer Pope.)
While Beck was listening to this Cardinal talk, another Cardinal who is very high up walked in with a bunch of 'men in suits' - Beck said "Man, the room got chilly."  And the host said, "Oh, yah, that's the 'head'.  And he told Beck to meet the man.  Beck said this is the spookiest guy he's ever met - he just wanted to be far away from this man.  Beck says there is a war.  Pray for people in leadership.  What's happening in Washington is what's happening in our churches.
Beck is hoping to get a Cardinal on his show who can talk about these things.
When Pope Benedict was a Cardinal, the Vatican released the Third Secret of Fatima.  The Third Secret sets up the final battle.  Pope Benedict - said that the Third Secret has not been released in it's entirety.  The Powers That Be didn't want this revealed because this talks about 'a bad council, a bad mass, and evil at the top and highest levels of the Catholic Church - the warning that leads to the End of Days.'  This is in the book written about Pope Benedict.
Beck said it's interesting that the current Pope is talking about evil, and the last Pope talked about evil, but he thinks they are kind of pointing at each other - doesn't think they are on the same side.  That they aren't fighting the same evil.  
Beck said when he was in the Vatican, he was told that Pope Benedict was fighting evil - a battle between good and real evil in the Vatican. Like there was a Deep State inside of the Vatican.
This book on Pope Benedict was released just after his death.  The Archbishop that wrote the book also gave Pope Benedict his last rites.  It may be that Pope Benedict helped with the writing of this book.
(1067) Glenn: My visit to Vatican City proves EVIL IS EVERYWHERE - YouTube
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This book is titled "Nothing But The Truth:  My Life Beside Pope Benedict XVI".  Written by Archbishop Georg Gaenswein.
The powers of darkness are everywhere.  Many Americans watched the vote for Speaker of the House this last week.  Much of the goings on in the House have been hidden from public view by the Powers That Be.  Some of these dark goings on were revealed this last week.
Pray for the Representatives in the House who are daily taking on the evil and Deep State.
"Be sober-minded, be on alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."  1 Peter 5:8
Yes, evil is everywhere!