Chance (8 Jan 2023)
"The Concessions and The Heroes  - Speaker of the House Vote"

Hello John and Doves,
The country just went through another election for Speaker of the House.  Kevin McCarthy won..again.  But with concessions. Hopefully, these concessions will stand - if not - he can be ousted by ONE GOP Representative.
The week started with 21 holdouts - conservative Republicans who did not want the same 'old McCarthy - top Democrat controlled' rule of the House.  I see these 20 or so members as heroes.
The 15th round of voting finally secured McCarthy the number of votes necessary to make him Speaker.
McCarthy made concessions to conservative members in order to get their votes:
1)  A single GOP lawmaker is all that's needed to oust the speaker from his position at any time.  (I understand that this use to be a House Rule until Pelosi removed it during her reign.  Five members were needed then.)  This is the "motion to vacate" rule.
2)  Allow floor votes on a border security bill. (Long over due.  Hopefully, this will be a top priority for Republicans.)
3)  A GOP House budget that would balance the budget within ten years and cap spending in 2023.  McCarthy agreed to cap discretionary spending to where it was at the beginning of the Biden Administration - for defense and domestic spending.
4)  Give three seats to the conservative members on the House Rules Committee.  (They decide on which bills come to the floor.  "Three conservatives would allow them to kill legislation key to President Joe Biden's agenda."  Good.)
5)  Vote on constitutional amendment for term limits in the House and Senate.  (Doubt this will pass.)
6)  Subcommittee chairmanships to the conservatives.  (They have been silenced long enough.)
7)  Promises from the Congressional Leadership Fund and super PAC aligned with McCarthy to NOT interfere in open GOP primaries.  (They cost the House in the mid terms election of conservative republicans.  McCarthy funded those that would vote for his speakership.)
8)  72 hours period between when a bill is posted and when members can vote on it so there will be time to read it.  (No more "we have to pass it to see what's in it - democrat strategy for bill passing)
9)  Vote separately on the 12 different appropriation bills - from agriculture to defense spending to transportation - instead of a year-end omnibus spending bill.  (This will allow for debate, amendments - instead of a shove through per the House dictators.)

10) McCarthy agreed to a subcommittee on the "Weaponization of the Federal Government" - to investigate the federal government's collection of information on private citizens, as well as look at ongoing criminal investigations.  (Hopefully these will include the raid on Mar-A-Lago and the January 6 Committee 'going ons', and the FTX/Bankman-Fried fiasco)
11) McCarthy agreed to reinstate the Holman Rule - allows for the reduction of government officials' salaries and other compensation paid by the U.S. Treasury.
12)  Require a vote to raise the debt limit.
There may be other concessions I'm not aware of at this time.
A big "thank you" to those who brought these concessions to the House - who persevered and held on to their convictions! These are American heroes.
Some news sources are saying these concessions are "too steep a price and will force shutdown fights later this year."
As I see it, these concessions are absolutely necessary to reign in the control by the Speaker of the House and top leaders of the House - their "reign of terror" has been curtailed.  Over time, the Representatives gave more and more of their power to the Speaker and these select few.  Never being able to debate a bill or even read it.  Not being able to present amendments to bills.  The bills were passed over to the House - for a yes or no vote.  That was it.  Most bills were never even read by Representatives!  No amendments could be presented.  No debate.  This will end now.
I see these 20 or so Conservatives as HEROES of the Republic!  They stood their ground and got many long overdue concessions.  It's a shame that the House was held hostage for so many years.  Pelosi ran the House with an iron fist.  She told her people when to stand, when to sit, how to vote, what to wear, when to breathe...It will still be a fight against the elites and the Democrats that run the country, the Senate.  But at least there is a chance in the House to fight the evil take over.
 Shame on the Republicans that were willing to leave the Speaker of the House with their power - power the speaker had taken or been relinquished by representatives over the years.  Giving up their power to one person.  This was not equal representation.  Most representatives had no say in what the House was passing, voting on, etc.  They were there to vote yes or no.  That was it.
These Conservative Representatives have helped level the playing field.  Taking back some of their power like they were designed to have from the beginning.
Representatives Lauren Boebert and Ken Buck both represent Colorado.  Buck is my representative.  Good for both of them for standing up to the dictatorship in the House!  And shame on the other representatives that just kowtowed to the House dictators.  Not standing up for their own voices or the voices of those that voted them in to office.  Now they might actually have to do their job.
The Freedom Caucus and the Club for Growth, both Conservative groups, opposed McCarthy.  
Also, it was refreshing to hear truth from the Montana Representative Matt Rosendale (who has only been in the House for two years) during the voting...this was excellent and a real eye-opener as to what's been going on in the House - a must listen!   The meaning of his wink to Waters was not missed (remember Waters' WINK to Bankman-Fried.)
(1067) JUST IN: Matt Rosendale Calls Out Maxine Waters By Name, Gets Reprimanded - YouTube
run time 14:30
Boy, the Deep State/Swamp/Powers That Be/ or whatever name they prefer is hopping mad about these concessions.  Good!  About time other voices are heard and not just their's!  Anyone speaking against these "heroes" and what they did are Deep State members/supporters.
We will see what the Republicans in the House will do with their new found power - hopefully they won't squander this opportunity to help take back the country and do some good for the American people.
Very little reference to God was made during all of this.  God decides who rules and who doesn't.  There is a House chaplain.  I heard the prayer near the end of this long saga.  The Representatives did say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag at the end..."one nation under God", but I bet those were bitter words in many a mouth.
King Dave knew that God blesses nations that follow Him. God raises up the good ruler for the nation that is committed to Him and God raises up the evil ruler for the nation that opposes him.
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord...From Heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind; from His dwelling place He watches all who live on Earth - He who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.  No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by his great strength...But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love...(Psalm 33:12..19)
A nation divided against itself cannot stand.  Mark 3:24
I fear for my country.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!