F.M. Riley (26 Jan 2020)
"Look Up!"

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ, 

     The most important "sign" that I have yet seen, indicating the VERY 
SOON coming of the Lord to resurrect and rapture all  true believers 
has been announced.  I have already seen many things that I felt were
"signs," of the end of this present age, and the Lord's coming.  But 
many have dismissed them, by saying that such things have been 
happening throughout history, and are just "normal" events that 
happen all the time.  
     Well, an event has been announced that IS NOT a "normal" event,
and which cannot be explained away by unbelievers, or even by some
"professing" to be believers, yet not "watching" like the Lord told His 
disciples to do.  Are you one of the Lord's disciples?  Then pay attention
to what follows.......
     Psalm 48 is a prophecy regarding the city of Jerusalem.  Read 
the entire Psalm.  
     In verse 4 it is clearly stated that the kings [rulers] of the nations 
of the earth are going to assemble in Jerusalem for some kind of
conference.  While they are assembled, some great world event 
is going to occur, 48:5.  Whatever the event is, will cause the 
assembled rulers of the nations to "marvel."  Whatever the event 
is will be very troubling to the rulers of the nations, and they will leave 
Jerusalem in a big hurry..  
     Folks, this assembly of the kings or rulers of the nations in 
Jerusalem is scheduled to take place ON JANUARY 23RD this 
present month.  Now just TWO DAYS AWAY.  Hello!  Are you 
listening?  The rulers, or their representiaves, who will attend 
this conference has already been announced, and most of the nations
on the earth will be represented at this conference.  
     Now no reader  can explain this away as a "normal" event which 
happens every day.   Folks, this FULLMENT OF BIBLE PROPHECY is staring us in the face RIGHT NOW!  Are you ready to see this with your own eyes?  A better question is, "Are you truly saved by God's GRACE, and ready to meet the Lord"?   The PRELUDE to the resurrection and 
rapture is here.  So is the PRELUJDE to the Tribulation.  
     Everyone claiming to be a "Christian believer" ought to spend the 
next two days in earnest prayer, as the Lord instructed, Luke 21:36.  
     May our gracious God carry this "warning" home to the heart of 
every reader.  I want to meet you in Heaven at the rapture.  Please 
don't disappoint me.  
                                      Pastor F. M. Riley