Wade Balzer (21 Jan 2018)
"[Revelation2217] What's new... Dream"


Hi all,


If you haven’t been to http://www.newjerusalem.org in a while, you should check out the Irrational Numbers Search.




There is always something new to find.  


Just now, Being MLK Day, I decided to look at the Verse distance between the first and last mention of the word “dream” in the KJV Bible.


That distance is 26468 Verses.


|<------------ 26468 Verses ------------->|

|<-- 23145 Verses --->|<-- 3323 Verses -->|<-- 4634 Verses -->|

|<-- Old Testament -->|<----------- New Testament ----------->|


You will notice that that same distance is 3323 Verses into the New Testament.


Hebrew Strong’s # 3323 = Anointed

Greek Strong’s # 3323 = Messiah


The digits 3323 were found at the 1,686th digit of PI (π).

π = 3.1415...13347574184946843852332390739414333454776241686251
                                 ^ <-- 1,686th digit


Webster’s Word # 1686 = All-divine


As I said… it doesn’t take long to find something new.



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Wade Balzer