Paul Wilson (21 Jan 2018)
"America and the Churches Problem"

America's problem is it has a spiritual disease yet we are treating the symptoms only. Politics, economy and society/culture are mere symptoms of the underlying disease and unless we treat the disease treating these symptoms means nothing. It is like treating a headache caused by a brain tumor but not the tumor. Since the moral majority the churches been seeking a political solution to americas problem NOT a spiritual solution. We keep thinking if we work to get the right politicians in to office bing, bam, boom we will return to the shores of glory. (can I get a hallelujah!) Yet rather than take the elections as a starting point and move to action we just fall back asleep and do nothing for 2-4 years and then wake up long enough to reelect them then back to sleep.

Part of it is we have lost our purpose in the world. We have decided to become like the world so that we can show the world how “cool” we are think that then the world will beat our doors down wanting to join us “cool” people. We have adopted the worlds words, music, mannerisms, and ways. We decided to give a watered down gospel to not offend the world lest the decide A) not to join us and then B) to leave us. We decide to emphasize one aspect of God - Love - and completely ignore other aspects such as his Holiness and his Justice. So hell had to go after all why would a loving God send people to hell just for picking the wrong religion or for believing he didn’t exist?? Then of course without hell sin was unnecessary sin if there is no hell there is no punishment so why would sin exist if it isn’t punished???? Then we said allah, buddha, shiva, and others are just other names of god and that it is all the same so we really can’t claim that we alone hold the truth and that Jesus is the only way as that is just one of many names for god all meaning the same person. Then we accepted the worlds interpretation of the bible verse about 'judge not'. So we decided it would be wrong to judge a person or their actions. We’ve become a hospice type faith we don't save you, salvation isn’t our job, but we will comfort you as your soul is dying. We hold your hand and offer soothing words to make you feel warm and fuzzy. We will offer praise to you on your life and your choices. We will tell you you are going to heaven because you are a ‘good person’. This quote sums up what satan has gotten the church to teach it is about liberalism which is satan's infection on the church: “Niebuhr’s great summary of liberalism: “A God without wrath brought men without sin into a Kingdom without judgment through the ministrations of a Christ without a Cross.””

Somewhere in the last half of the 19th century (1850-1900) started disengaging on various issues. We decided that ‘watchmen on the wall’ were only supposed to ‘watch’ for their masters return and nothing else so we didn’t keep any eye on what satan was doing and where he was attacking and how he was attacking. Because of that he was able to infiltrate all levels of society unhindered. He took our colleges, our schools, our seminaries, our courts, our legislatures, our news media, Hollywood, and every area of influence without any or VERY little resistance on our part. He entered the back door and started moving about while we played in the front yard. Why in many churches today he comes right in the front door welcomed and brought to the front pew right below the pulpit. He doesn’t have to worry about hearing something he won’t like. Many preachers will gleefully announce his presence to a clapping congregation.

Another problem we have is the quick fix society we now have with everything being done instantly with the internet we don't have the patience for a long struggle to get the country back. We are willing to fight if all we have to do is say a quick formulamatic  pray and then BOOM God does everything instantly and we are a christian nation again. But this is a long term fight. This will be a GENERATIONAL battle. I see 20-30 years MINIMUM over 100 years at the most.

One big problem is that most Christian kids get about 2 hours of christianity a week (1 in church the other in Sunday school) and they get 35 hours of secular humanism each week at the public school. That is over 17 times as much secular humanism each week as christianity. Over the course of one year they get 1260 hours of secular humanism in school to 104 hours of Christianity at church. That is 12 times more secular humanism every year! Since there schooling is K-12 that is 13 years that is almost 16,400 hours of secular humanism by the end of twelfth grade. (compared to just over 1350 of christianity) Is it any wonder then that many high schoolers and even middle schoolers are LEAVING the faith. And that is all BEFORE the Socialist - Humanist college indoctrination. And some Sunday schools are pretty woeful in teaching kids truth. We don't get into real heavy issues till they are in middle and high school age. BUT satan starts the heavy stuff in Kindergarten and Elementary school. We keep feeding the milk of the word (at best) to them long after we should have started them on meat. You would keep breastfeeding your son or daughter in 5th and 6th grade would you?? Especially exclusively breastfeeding. Satan is giving kids his meat in kindergarten and in some cases preschool. (even preschool TV[like sesame street]). If someone was feeding meat, even if not the best cuts, to your 12 year old son while you still ONLY breastfed him who do you think he is going to like and listen too???? And how many churches are still giving the milk to the adults too??? I think we all would be appalled at the sight of a 40 year old man sucking on his mothers breast for his nourishment but how many church goers are essentially doing just that at their church?? A good way to describe it is like this: every Sunday the whole congregation from young to old goes to church lines up at the pulpit and is breastfed their weekly nourishment from God. From 1 to 101 they suck at the pastors teat for the milk of the word. All while eating the 'less than choice' meat served out during the week by the devil. In fact most eat some of that meat when they get home from church. If they are old enough to eat the bad meat satan gives they are old enough to eat the good meat God gives! We might start by getting rid of nonsense songs - songs that rhyme and use biblical names or places but teach no substance about those names and places. (babylon had NOTHING to do with babbling on and on and on and Sadducees were not sad) Some will say 'they are just children learning nice songs' but if they can learn a nonsense song that teaches nothing they can learn a song that teaches something. It doesn’t have to be a 'deep theological truth' but some simple truth that can be learned by them. I have worked within kids before they are hungry to learn but the question for the church is who will teach them?? The answer will determine who values they ascribe to and where their soul will end up. Also it will determine the country direction.

Homeschooling is great option and many a pastor and christian leader has called for christians to do it. BUT one problem is cost… NOT the cost of the education itself but the cost of lost income. Many two parent families are just making it with 2 full time incomes if one has to stop working to homeschool it will be a financial burden they can’t afford even if that person gets a part time job. Also with many homes being single parent, usually single mom, they defiantly can’t afford to lose their full time job to home school. If we are REALLY serious about homeschooling for christian we need to set up a fund to help out so these people can still pay their monthly expenses while they are homeschooling. There are christian millionaires  and some billionaires and plenty of conservative million and billionaires out there to be able to get a good sized fund developed to do this. Without this fund the majority of christians will not be able to pull there kids out of public school to homeschool them.

We as a church need to get back to the word of God and start correctly stating thing. If a person dies without knowing Christ DON’T fudge around this issue with “we don't know what was in his heart” or “we don't know what transpired in the last few seconds of his life”  STAND up and declare that he is in hell because he did not know Jesus! if you want you can start it with ‘baring a last minute confession…’ but you should remind people even then that last minute/death bed confessions are rare in fact only ONE is recorded in the WHOLE bible - the thief on the cross next to Jesus. So yes it happens... but don't count on it. Being ‘good’ res not get you to heaven. HELL is full of  “good people”. There are many  “good people”  in other faiths but that doesn’t mean other faiths lead to God. There are even some  “good” atheists out there but not believing in God doesn’t get you to heaven. We MUST tell people this. YES it will offend some and will turn off people but the truth does that. Are you more interested in pleasing God or man???? Are you pastors more interested in saving souls or money in the collection plate???? It is better to be the shepherd of a flock of 12 saved people then that shepherd of a flock of 1000 people who are not. The latter may bring in more money but the former will bring praise from God -  “well done thou good and faithful servant”.

We are in a spiritual war and it is high time we fought this as a war. Put down your “purses” (that is not a slight at women but at those wimps who would fight a war with purses not weapons) and open your bibles. Start converting the masses. Preach the truth in season and out of season. DO what is right by God and worry not about man. If you go to jail for preaching the truth preach it there as well. I am not saying we should disengage politically but we can NOT rely on politics to get the job done the revival that has been ‘just around the corner’ for 40 years is NOT going to start in DC and spread throughout out the nation. it will start in your home, moving from home to home, and your neighborhood moving form neighborhood to neighborhood, and your village, town or city and move from village to village, town to town, city to city, then it will go from one state to another before FINALLY reaching DC.

I know from experience this will mostly fall on deaf ears. I write and write and most people seem to ignore me. So be it. But I am not in it to please man. I do this at the urging of God. When he lays something on me to write I write. I am by no means the best christian I would be among the least but when God tell me to write something I write it. I try to do what he tells me to. I haven’t many opportunities to do much for various reasons but I try to do what I can... even if no one but the Lord is listening. Do what is right even when no one is watching and The Father will reward you. Not sure if I will hear ‘well done thou good and faithful servant’ but I would be glad to at least hear ‘I am proud of you’.

Paul Wilson
Protestant (only to show I don’t follow the pope)
Independence MO USA

PS Anyone who knows me knows I think it is too late to do all this I think we passed God’s point of no return a while back. I think this nation is about to experience Judgement. Too much unborn blood has been spilt and too much rotten fruit exported all over the world for America to avoid it. However I believe that after the judgement that God will see what happens with what remains of the USA. I believe the nation will no longer exist but many smaller nations will be formed on the continent. Some of these nations will turn to God and some will not. Those that do will see his blessings those that don't will receive destruction. I believe that we must put resources together for those that survive the judgement so that they can understand WHY it came and that they MUST turn to God to survive.

PPS my signature below refers to the Holy Spirit and Government.

"If man will not be governed from within, he must be governed from without."