Gino (21 Jan 2018)
"RE: Eaglet: 01.14:18"

Thank you for your reply.
I was looking at some of the things that you had in parentheses, for example, the following two:

17 Because thou sayest, I AM RICH (salvation by faith only?)

 that thou MAYEST be RICH (saved by grace thru faith, 

Are you making a distinction between:
1) Being saved by grace through faith
2) Being saved by faith only (i.e. without grace)?

It has always seemed to me that the following happens:
1) The Father draws the person (without that, it would be a false profession)
2) The LORD provides grace (again, without this, it a manmade profession)
3) The word of God enters via the gospel given
4) Saving faith comes from the hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17)
5) The Holy Ghost them convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment
6) The LORD grants repentance (Acts 11:18)  (true repentance, from true godly sorrow, otherwise it is manmade)
(repentance being a change of mind, which leads to a change of direction Acts 20:21)
7) The person believes on the LORD Jesus Christ, i.e. believes the gospel, and is saved
8) The Holy Ghost, then inside brings forth fruit and good works (Ephesians 2:10)