Fay (21 Jan 2018)
"Heads WAY UP. Ominous."

Wow. This could be the start of something explosive. The EU will convene in "Extraordinary session" to force Israel into a two state solution. Nothing too different there, it appears. However, check out the date the EU are convening to flap their jaws over this nonsense. January 31st, 2018 !! The day of the Super Blue Blood Moon. This is a HUGE marker. Almighty God knows the end from the beginning. This day will go down in history... and for the wrong reasons. Almighty God would not have placed a rare super blue blood moon on this day, for fun. To compound the seriousness of this - Almighty God made sure we were placed on high alert by placing two super moons prior to the last in the trio. The last being a very serious Danger Warning Sign.

The EU will convene in ‘extraordinary session’ to force Israel into national suicide in accepting the ‘Two-State Solution’ once and for all