TH (15 Jan 2017)
"satan's...EGO  BLUNDER"

                                      satan's...EGO  BLUNDER

       satan, in his position of "ruler" of the "Air" has to function in that capacity
under certain rules and restrictions....which he clearly must have understood.
When he allowed the murder of a SINLESS human, he lost his claim on ALL
Sinless Humans........  Those who would claim CHRIST'S BLOOD before GOD
as an ATONEMENT for their Own Sins...would be ACCEPTABLE to GOD.  So
apparently satan lost sight of that technicality.  In order to try and recover from
his blunder, he set about doing all he could to hide the TRUTH from man. So he
employed man's Ego as his best chance of succeeding in keeping (claiming) as many
people as possible from being qualified to be in GOD'S FAMILY.  satan was/ is
very aware of man's PRIDE and uses it to trick him unto Death.  he rewards those
whom he knows have huge egos and vanity, (read that Hollywood and the Rich and
Powerful, and the folks in Washington) with great wealth and power here on Earth.
IF and I mean ONLY ..IF they submit to him.....evidenced by their willingness to do
the most despicable acts imaginable....and on a regular basis....sorta like his type
of church...once a week.  Mimicking !  Trouble is, that the folks who are submitting
to his humiliations are being exposed thru the Net. and other means as to what they
are doing in order to maintain their continued prosperity. They are killing and eating
little kids, it's been discovered. Not only that, but WHO is doing it .....oh, oh !  They
know this now and are in a full blown PANIC and are doing everything they can to
head off the investigation that will eventually expose them. How do we know they
will be exposed ?  We have GOD'S WORD on it !  ALL..A L L ...will be REVEALED !
This means THEM !   AND...the Horrors they have committed for their demon over-
lords will come out for all the World to see....  Okay....they are going to HAVE to try
and distract everybody from we can expect some sort of "false flag" event
soon. Maybe even go as far as starting a War...probably w/ Russia.  Just listen to
those touting this the loudest.....those wanting this distraction have something they
don't want you to LOOK AT !   For REAL....the LOUDEST of these, have the MOST to JESUS Your Pal ?         MARANATHA !    TH