Ron Reese (29 Jan 2017)
"Trump, 7th King, serves a short time, then Obama, 8th King, becomes Antichrist"

Like I wrote in my last post, Obama MUST fulfill EVERY Scripture about the Antichrist.  One of the most puzzling Scriptures about the Beast, or Antichrist, has always been the following Scripture:
"There are also SEVEN KINGS.  Five are fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come.  And when he is come, HE MUST CONTINUE A SHORT TIME.  The beast that was, and is not, is himself the eighth, AND IS OF THE SEVEN, and is going to perdition." (Revelation 17:10--11)
In my post of one week ago, I referred to this verse, and gave you Kevin Heckle's interpretation of it, with Obama being the 8th King, or 8th President.  His starting date, for the 1st King, was 1967, when Israel re-captured Jerusalem, in the Six-Day War, making Lyndon Johnson the 1st King.  I have had all week to reflect, and pray, on Kevin's interpretation.  I also consulted with another previous prominent poster on Five Doves on this matter.  Their interpretation was that Obama was not only the 8th King, the Beast, but also the 6th King.  
This interpretation fulfills Revelation 17:8, right to the letter. "the beast who WAS, and IS NOT, AND YET IS."  Obama, the Beast, WAS in power of the most powerful country in the world, and IS NOT, or is no longer in power, AND YET IS, or will soon be back in power once again, only this time with POWER OVER THE WHOLE WORLD.  This will be why the "the whole world will marvel and wonder after the beast". (Rev. 13:3 and Rev. 17:8).  Obama's "head wound" may very well be a political head wound, rather than a physical head wound.  Obama, for eight years, was HEAD of the most powerful country in the world, and the Antichrist also will become the HEAD of the entire world during his reign as the Antichrist.  Obama has, in effect, suffered a severe "head" wound, politically, with his temporary loss of power, and, at least potentially, will lose much of his legacy, due to Trump's actions as his successor to the throne (as King).
Because of Progressive Revelation, we can now completely understand these Scriptures about the Beast, that we could never understand before.  To complete the Prophetic Puzzle, sometimes we must be patient, as another piece of the Puzzle falls into place, allowing us to further interpret Prophetic Scriptures, which are now, in 2017, falling into place very rapidly. 
As case in point, Bible scholars could never comprehend how the EIGHTH KING could be OF THE SEVEN, like Rev. 17:11 tells us.  Now, in 2017, it is finally being revealed to us.  The EIGHTH KING, or PresIdent, HAS to be one of the first 7 Presidents, TO BE OF THE SEVEN.  Yes, there may be an historical fulfillment, back in the days when John wrote the Book of Revelation.  But I wrote in my previous post about the Double Reference Principle, which shows us that, in Scripture, MANY times there is a near fulfillment, and a future fulfillment.  This FUTURE fulfillment is what is NOW unfolding before our eyes, and is the only fulfillment that speaks DIRECTLY OF THE REAL ANTICHRIST, Barack Hussein Obama.
When Kevin Heckle wrote his post, it was 8 or 9 years ago.  At that time, there was nobody AFTER Obama.  So, if Obama was the EIGHTH King, or President, he went back and discovered that LBJ would have been the first in line.  This seemed to make perfect Biblical sense, as Lyndon Johnson was in power when Israel re-captured Jerusalem in the Six-Day War.  However, now Obama has been succeeded by Donald Trump.  If Obama is the EIGHTH KING, the one who will become the Antichrist, this makes Trump the 7TH KING, the one who precedes the Antichrist.
What does the Word teach us about this 7TH KING?  Rev. 17:10 tells us that when he (the 7TH KING) comes, HE MUST CONTINUE A SHORT TIME.  Donald Trump's, according to this interpretation of Scripture, days are numbered!  So many Bible Prophecy scholars see 2017 as the beginning of the End.  So many see the Rapture/Sudden Destruction (nuclear?) taking place this year, in 2017.  It is my interpretation of the Prophetic Scriptures that the Sudden Destruction/Rapture event will propel Obama back into power. 
Some say that Trump has recently become a born-again Christian.  So, will Trump and Vice-President Pence be raptured, or killed in the Sudden Destruction event that will propel the Antichrist, Obama, back into power?  Either way, it should pave the way for the EIGHTH KING to rule the world.  The Word confirms to us, what many of us already suspected, that TRUMP WILL ONLY BE IN POWER FOR A SHORT TIME!!!  Everything, including Rev. 17:10--11, seems to be telling us that it will be less than one year in power. 
For all of the above to be the correct interpretation of the EIGHT KINGS, WITH OBAMA AS THE 6TH KING, AND THE 8TH KING, WHO IS ALSO ONE OF THE FIRST 7 KINGS, OR PRESIDENTS, there still remains one area of concern to fulfill Rev. 17:10--11 to the letter.
If Obama is the 6th King and the 8th King, where is the STARTING point for this succession of Presidents, leading up to Obama, then Trump, and then Obama again (although I am only implying that Obama will become the Antichrist, the most powerful man in the world, as the position of President of the U.S. has been for a very long time.  He may, or may not fill the office of President of the U.S. again)? 
This line of succession reveals that Jimmy Carter was the 1st King in line, and not Lyndon Johnson, as Kevin's article suggested.  For the past day or two, I have been pondering, what Biblical basis do we have for starting this end-time line of Kings, or Presidents, with Jimmy Carter?  Finally, it came to me. 
I believe we have EVERY reason to begin this count of the last 8 Kings, or Presidents, with Jimmy Carter.  Probably the Number One agenda on the world stage for the past 40 years or so, has been peace in the Middle East, peace with Israel and her neighbors.  The peace of the entire world revolves around peace with that tiny Biblical nation of Israel, the only democracy in that part of the world.  The United Nations has remained focused, even obsessed with, God's chosen nation of Israel, for several decades.  This focus on peace in the Middle East, and especially Israel, will culminate with the Antichrist, the 8th King in Revelation 17.  So, this process of identifying the 8 Kings, in the very last days, who will end with the 8th King, the Antichrist, Obama, demands that identifying the FIRST KING, SHOULD BE THE KING, OR PRESIDENT, WHO STARTED THE WHOLE MIDDLE EAST PEACE PROCESS.  That President was none other than Jimmy Carter.
Those of us who were alive and old enough to remember, can still picture Jimmy Carter, who we can now identify as the 1st of the 8 Kings, or Presidents, centered between Yassar Arafat and Menachim Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, in the late 1970's.  Little did we realize then, the extreme Prophetic significance of the Camp David Accords, headed up by Jimmy Carter, the very first King, who would lead to the 8th King, the Beast, in Revelation 17:10--11.  Some called this Middle East peace process, the Carter Camp David Accords.  The Presidential attempts for Peace in the Middle East BEGAN WITH JIMMY CARTER, and have continued with each succeeding President, and will culminate with the 8TH KING, the 8TH in succession of the 8 most powerful men in the world over the past 40 years.  >From 1978 until 2017 is 40 years inclusively.  How Biblically significant is that!
With Obama being the 6th King, and becoming, in the near future, the 8th King, and Trump being the 7th King, let's take a look at those Biblical numbers.  Obama, the 6TH King, is the number of man.  At this point in his life, Obama is just a MAN, but a man who desires to be God.  Trump is the 7TH King, which is the number of completion.  This means that God has COMPLETED his line of U.S. Presidents, at least before the End of the Age begins, with Obama, the Antichrist.  The number EIGHT is the number of NEW BEGINNINGS.  It will be a new beginning for Obama, as he becomes the Beast of Revelation, Satan incarnate, just like Judas did.  It will be a new beginning for the Bride of Christ, who will find herself in Heaven, as the reign of the Antichrist, Obama, begins.  It will also be a brand new beginning, tragic as it is, for the whole world who will soon find itself caught up in the massive and cataclysmic Sudden Destruction and Great Tribulation. 
It is 40 years from the 1st King, Jimmy Carter, until the eighth and final King, who the Bible says is the Beast (Barack Obama). It is 40 years inclusive of trying to make peace in the Middle East, especially with Israel.  40 is the Biblical number of trials, testings, and probation.  This fits Israels' political, and perhaps its spiritual, situation perfectly.  We should expect Israel's probationary period to end in 2017.  We should expect a climatic event in Israel, probably the dramatic fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and 39, in 2017.  2017 appears to be a Year of Destiny.  Yes, a Year of Destiny for Israel, for the whole world, and, very likely for the Bride of Christ.  Are YOU Ready?
Ron Reese
p.s.  This post is NOT the one that I promised you on the main Biblical reason we should expect the Sudden Destruction/Rapture in 2017.  Hopefully, that will be my next post.