Reuben B (15 Jan 2017)
"Trumps Campaign 216 = Obama."

Hi John have a look at this. Cheers

2016 GOP Primary Debate Schedule Announced by the RNC
Friday 16th January 2015

+ 6 Months 21 Days (216)
= 6th August 2015 (1st Republican Debate) Fox News Ohio
+ 216 Days (216)
= 10th March 2016 (Last Republican Debate) CNN Florida
+ 4 Months 8 Days (48)
= 18th July 2016 (1st Day Republican National Convention)
+ 16 Weeks 2 Days (216)
= 8th November 2016 (Election Day)

Trump Presumptive Nominee (3rd May 2016)
+ 2 Months 16 Days (216)
= 18th July 2016 (1st Day of the Republican RNC Convention)

Trump Tower Media Press Conference (31st May 2016)
+ 48 Days (48)
= 18th July 2016 (1st Day of the Republican RNC Convention)

2016 GOP Primary Debate Schedule Friday 16th January 2015
+ 21 Weeks 6 Days (216)
= 16th June 2015 Trump Declares from Trump Tower I’m Running for President.
+ 408 Days (48)
= 27th July 2016. Trump Press Conference Florida (last Press Meeting till Election Night for 2016) Next Press Meet 11.1.2017
The Trump Mainstream Media Narrative.
The Washington Post. Donald Trump’s Falshood – Laden press conference, annoted.
The Business Insider Australia. Trump to hold his first Official press conference since July.
The Telegraph. Donald Trump meets US media executives in trump tower, high above manhattan. 21st Nov 2016.
Cbs News. Trump meets with top TV network executives and anchors. 21st Nov 2016
Google. “Hilary Holds First Press 2016”. September 8th Official Press meeting 280 Days apart between Press conferences.
So Trump gives Hillary Grief over her big hiatus between Press meets. From July 27th Florida Meet to 11th Jan 2017 Press Meet Trump will have been 168 Days between meets except for his Election speech.
Anyway the Media is reporting that not since July 27th 2016 has he had an Official Press meet till Jan 11th 2017.
Monday 27th July 2016 Trump since the GOP Announcement is 21 Weeks 6 Days + 408 Days into his Fraudulent Campaign.

November 21st 2016 Trump Media Meeting at Trump tower.
Media meet in “Off the Record” Media scrum for details on upcoming Trump Presidency. Little to no public disclosure as to the minutes of the meeting and content.
On the same day Trumps people Set up a U Tube Channel called “Transition 2017” With his First vid being What I will do in my first 100 Days in Office.
This Guy is very secret in his dealings with the Public except for his Campaign Rhetoric. He Just tweets and does U tube Addresses  to the public rather than face the Press. Not very Presidential. Its all a Show folks.
21st Nov 2016 + 8 Weeks 4 Days within 61 Days = 20.Jan.2017