Neil Lipken (29 Jan 2017)
"Known Pastor Gets 3 Disturbing Visits From Gov Agents-Shares Horrifying Details! Exclusive Interview"

Late in these end times many pastors learn quickly to keep the gospel message lukewarm, nice people-pleasing pablum so as not to offend anyone about anything!   It keeps the heat off the pastor from anyone in the congregation, and now from the government!   Many pastors tell people in their congregations want they WANT to hear instead of what they SHOULD hear!   This also keeps the building fund flowing in the offering baskets so they can build beautiful buildings!   Go read the gospels and you will quickly see that Jesus was run out of town many times, people gnashed their teeth at Him, and many wanted to kill Him.   If a pastor is truly doing his job, he will encounter the same type of resistance from both humans and the god of this world (satan).   But most pastors want a comfortable life, so they water down the gospel until it is nearly unrecognizable!   How many pastors today will tell their congregations that Jesus is the ONLY way to eternal life?   How many pastors will tell the people that without Christ all perish and spend eternity in Hell?   Well that is just not politically correct!   Many of these lukewarm pastors will be left here after the Rapture (salvation and the Rapture are not linked in Scripture!).   And after the Rapture life will become miserable, and the lukewarm folks will have to either give in to the world (accepting the mark of the beast----Rev. 13----and ultimately ending up in Hell), or they will truly come to the Lord and be martyred for their faith.


P.S.   The Bible is written to believers and not to unbelievers.   Go and take a look at the end time Laodicean church at the end of Revelation 3, and look specifically at Rev. 3:16!   Jesus spits the lukewarm out of His mouth!   Do you really think these folks are going to get raptured out of here?   God is not mocked, and we are now over 68 1/2 years into these End Times (from the birth of Israel in 1948, which began the End Times), and the Rapture and subsequent 7 year Tribulation Period are drawing very near!   It is the antichrist who will make the coming Middle East peace deal soon after the Rapture, splitting the land making a Palestinian State, and allowing Israel to build the Third Temple.

P.P.S.   A word of warning to pastors------fear God and NOT man!

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