Neil Lipken (15 Jan 2017)
"War with Russia to derail President-Elect Trump?????"

What will the next two weeks bring?   Well, we will find out soon enough!   Is Obummer stupid enough to start a war with Russia before Trump is inaugurated?   Is the New World Order that desperate?   If a war is started, will it be associated with the Rapture?   In 2017 Israel should (I said should) be starting construction of the Third Temple, but that mandates the Rapture and the Daniel 9:27 covenant first!   And the 2014-15 lunar eclipse tetrad still does not have a huge event associated with it!   And that should be the Third Temple!

One thing is for sure, we do not live in boring times!   If we were living in Scotland in 1300 AD we would just spend the 70 or 80 years of our lives (actually many back then only lived to be 40 years old) just herding sheep!   Be very grateful that we are living in the End Times!