Mike Curtiss (15 Jan 2016)
"Pope Francis Comes Out of the Closet as One World Currency Advocate"

 Hi Doves,

       My friends, I haven't posted for at least a year, I've been busy electing our
new president. When we consider all we've learned about satan and his godless 
control over this world during the process, it literally drives me to my knees.
       Today, I saw this article about the RCC's new monetary policy and thought it
might be of interest to all of you. 

Pope Francis Now International Monetary Guru?

 The Vatican Bank has accumulated 55,000 tons of gold over the ages. The next
largest central bank, the USA allegedly has 15,000 tons. Let those numbers and their
importance sink in for a moment. We've also got an apostate Pope, who's in routine
communion with the dead. After his selection, Francis descended into the tomb of St.
Peter and checked in with his god.
       Anyway, after the election and during these increasingly stressful days leading
up to the Inauguration, I thought it might be important to post what the Lord's been
showing me.
       First, the idea we've bought for ourselves another era of domestic peace and
prosperity must be put into Biblical perspective. Yes, there will be an American revival,
however that revival will primarily be spiritual. The churches will be full to overflowing
as the supernatural continues to manifest.
       Second, peace has come to the Middle East. Of course, the current combatants
are totally unaware at this time. A treaty between Russia and the USA has already been
made. There will be some perfunctory diplomatic meetings, but make no mistake there
will be peace. The US will also move it's embassy to Jerusalem. There will be an era of
peace, but only for a season.
       Third, we will see previously unobserved signs in the heavens of God's
glory. They will surpass any in recorded human history beginning this spring 2017. I'm
not entirely certain, but I think we'll see some type of super nova, or GRB within 1000
light years from Earth.
       Finally, we may very well discover what the mainstream media will call alien life. Let
me repeat myself, so there's no misunderstanding. During the next 7 years, mankind will
come into contact with an alien culture thought to be extraterrestrial. They will bring with
them technology thought sufficient to transport mankind to the stars. However, this will all
be a great deception. Rejoice, we will be those alive to see the return of our risen Lord
Jesus present Himself as King Jesus. Then all of creation will become a reality!


                Michael C.