Lauren (29 Jan 2017)
"Two Questions for Ron Reese Re: "The Beast (Antichrist) who was, and is not, and yet is (Obama)--Revelation 17:8""

Hello Ron,

You said, “ that you and many other Watchers, have written about MANY reasons why Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist and that you believe that we can now add Revelation 17:11 as one more reason to Obama's credentials as the Biblical Antichrist and why he MUST fulfill EVERY Scripture

I have two question? How can Obama be the “eighth” if he is the “sixth” and how can “he continue 42 months” if the “one hour” of the beast of Revelation 17:12 expires on March 21, 2018?


The “seventh” will be destroyed neither in anger or battle after a few days? While the “eighth” is allowed to “wear out the saints of the most high” who are given into his hand for a “time, time and dividing time” that expires on March 21, 2018.


Revelation 17:10-11, "There are seven kings Five have fallen, one is, (6th) and the other has not yet come and when he comes, he must continue a short time. (7th) the beast who was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven and goes into perdition”.


If 1 day is equal to 1000 years, 1000/24 hours equals 41.6 years.


That “one hour” of Revelation 17:12 covers the period of time the mystery of the woman and the beast with seven kings and ten kings counts out.


Those 41 plus years began on January 20, 1977, when President Carter was sworn into office and end on the same day, March 21, 2018 the “70” Shavuot in 70 years prophecy of Daniel 9:24-26 and the “18 returning years of Hezekiah” 2 Kings 19:29-31 and 2 Kings 20:11-16 end and on that day the “eighth”, Al Gore is thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 19:20




1.  Carter

2.  Reagan

3.  Bush Sr.

4* Clinton

5* Bush Jr.


ONE IS (Was President until Trump Inaugurated)

6* Obama


THE OTHER NOT YET COME; (Succeeded Obama, has now come) 

7* Trump (Will continue a “short time” and after a few days be destroyed neither in anger or battle Daniel 11:20)



8.  Al Gore (“little horn”) comes out of one of the four notable ones, *Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama or Trump. He was Clinton’s Vice President aka little horn, thus is “of the seven”.


Other indicators that Gore is the One?


1. He does come out of ONE of the “four notable ones” of Daniel 8:8-9. He is that "Out of many, One", whose birth hit the front page of the Nashville Tennessean, his home state's biggest newspaper, on the morning after his birth it read: “WELL, MR. GORE, HERE HE IS ON—PAGE 1” Mr. Gore, his father was the U.S. senator from Tennessee and the arrival of his son was the big “front page” story.


2. On election night, Tuesday, November 8. 2000, NBC was the first to declare a winner in Florida, saying Al Gore won at 7:50 p.m. EST. Its rivals quickly followed suit, basing their information largely on polling data provided by Voter News Service, created by The Associated Press, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC.


3. The exact distance in miles between Washington, DC, his birth place and Nashville, TN, his home state is 666 Miles Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding, count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, it is 666.


4. In Daniel 7:20 we read he has, “A look more stout than his fellows” These pictures prove he is a broad man with definitely a “stout look! Obama cannot fulfill his text.


5. He comes in peaceably and obtains the kingdom by flattery.  Gore won the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ in 2007.


6.  Al Gore is the 45th Vice President and was born 45 days before Israel declared Statehood on May 14, 1948. He fills the seat of the 45th President Trump!


You said, “That Revelation 17:11 is the primary reason why you believe Barack Hussein Obama, and is further proof to his identity as the Antichrist.”


You then gave three possibilities why the "whole world wonders after the Beast" with your third being the only one that could have biblical backed fulfillment.


Your “first”, could not happen if New York City, like you said is destroyed, because that is where the UN resides!

Your “second” places President Trump and the Vice-President both in New York City during its total destruction, which most likely breaks security protocol, other than them both being in the confines of Washington DC together.

Your “third” possibility, a worldwide catastrophe of “sudden destruction” from 1st Thessalonians 5:3 causing the rapid rise to power of a World President, is TRUE but it will NOT BE the “sixth” Obama, but the one “of the seven” the “eighth” Al Gore. 


Ron, The book of Hosea does speak to the house of Judah but its emphasis is on the house of Israel aka the 10 tribes scattered among the nations in the last days and in particular to the “fourth Kingdom” the United States where the majority of them reside.


The “eighth”, Gore is called Jareb in Hosea 5:13 and Hosea 10:6-7 notice the “seventh” king may have been “cut off” by a tsunami thereby telling us what causes the “neither in anger or battle” of Daniel 11:20 is?


The sorrows of that “travailing woman” in the Thessalonian 5:3 will come upon President Trump and is confirmed in Hosea 13:11-16 because although he is fruitful to his brothers/republicans, to God he is an unwise son and will NOT STAY LONG in the place of children in travail. 


He is “unwise” because he will follow man’s commandments and not God’s. This video; The Seven Noahide Laws aka Education Day  and this link that shows President Carter was the first of the ‘unwise’ signing on April 18, 1978.


A “east wind” from the LORD shall come from the wilderness and Samaria/ Washington DC shall become desolate because she has rebelled against God! Yes, God gave a king to the US in anger and will take him away in the day of His wrath! This is the “storm of the LORD” of Isaiah 28:2, Jeremiah 23:19-20 that falls simultaneously with redemption in Jeremiah 30:23- Jeremiah 31:2!


Ron, did you notice the Daniel 7:4-6 lion, bear and leopard in Hosea 13:7-8 and the name of the rider on the pale horse of Revelation 6: 8 and word “grave/hell” in the same text with the day of destruction and simultaneous redemption, in Hosea 13:14?


That’s exactly what happens on that “70th” Shavuot, the woman is redeemed and flees into the wilderness for a “time, time, and dividing time” Revelation 12:14-17 simultaneously while Daniel 7:25 is fulfilled over the same period of time.


You are correct saying, “Trump cannot be President of the U.S. for very long” because Daniel 11:20, Hosea 13:13, and Revelation 17:10 tell us so. You can say it is about the works of the Antichrist, but its not Obama being undone, because Gore came in peaceably under the guise of “climate change” to subdue, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama upon which Trump is looking at with a skeptical eye and won’t be “subdued” by the ‘eighth” Gore.


You said, and are correct believing this is further evidence of the Sudden Destruction event happening in 2017, to force the world to accept a one-world government of the “little horn”. 


The whole world will "wonder after the Beast", but it will be Gore, who was declared President on election night 2000 and on the same night it was taken from him and he “was not” and will become the “eighth” and go into perdition.


You said, “Revelation 13:5 says that the Beast will be given power and authority to CONTINUE FOR 42 MONTHS telling us that the Antichrist will be a man who has already been in power once.”


There is NO TEXT in the Original Testament where 42 months or even 1260 days is referenced, but Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, and Revelation 12:14-17 speak of a “time, a time and dividing time” or period of unspecified duration. He continues because he subdued the lion, bear and leopard of Daniel 7 and the riders of the white, red and black horses of Revelation 6 for twenty four years and is about to CONTINUE as the AC! 


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, REPENT the Kingdom of God and the authority of His Messiah is at hand, an Ezekiel 33:6 watching one