Jovial (29 Jan 2017)
"After Obama...more about that... "

Charles talked about Obama now being out of power, and I wanted to add a few things.  The Hebrew word "ברק" (Barak) means "lightning" and "ברך" (also "Barak") means "bless".  It is something used euphemistically to mean "curse", but there is a note of sarcasm when it is used this way.  Like, "I am going to bless you by putting toilet paper all over the trees in your yard" - a sarcastic statement, since that would not be a blessing at all, but require a heavy cleanup effort.  If this were some sort of "sign", it might be a sign that someone is a deciever - in others words, will say one thing but do another.  Well....isn't that what the agenda of the left is based on?

But he is gone now.  He did not try to declare martial law at the last minute.  He is just gone.  And now we have a president that perhaps is not part of the dark secret organizations that have put so many presidents in the White House for so long.  Time will tell.

I don't think he was the Anti-Christ - I think he was just another deciever trying to pull the country further to the left into full fledged socialism one step at a time.

I can believe he was being groomed for a high up role with those people.  HOWEVER, he basically failed at his mission.  He failed to convince the public that socialed medicine is necessary, and his main effort as president is about to be repealed.  So my guess is that those Secret Organizations are going to discard Obama as someone who they hoped would lead us down a darker path, but failed.  He just did not succeed in convincing enough people of enough left wing ideas.  He did move the country to the left somewhat, but not enough to suit them, too much to suit me.