Jovial (29 Jan 2017)
"Pizzagate - Why it Happened, Why this was revealed"

Frank brought up Pizza gate and how it is sad our society has degenerated to this.  It has actually been going on for a long time, it is just now coming to light.  For many years, the Illuminaughty has tried to control politicians by getting dirt on them.  If they know something embarassing about the president he would not want to have revealed to the public, he can be controlled by the threat of having it revealed if he steps out of line.  For a tough skinned politician, effective blackmail info might require something that would keep him from getting re-elected; simple info on an affair wouldn't do it in this day and age.  And for a second term president, it would take info that would put the man in jail.

So those Dark Powers behind the scenes usually tell aspiring politicians that if they want to join the  club abd get help getting elected from the most powerful people in the world, they must do something evil.  Those Dark powers will record it, gain evidence, and use it as blackmail.  So they draw aspiring politicians into the worst perversions they can drag them into, and favor the guys who not only are willing to do it, but get addicted to it.  So the more evil someone is, the easier it is for him to rise to the top of the Secret Organization structure, and thus get their help in getting elected to public office.  They will draw a normal guy into having affairs first, then doing it with men, then animals or children as a way of gaining blackmail on them.  It is done slowly over time, with each new perversion being not that far away form the last, but slowly calculated to draw them into such a deep hole, they are easily controlled.

But occasionally someone gets elected without their help anyway, and becomes their own person.  I suspect Donald Trump is that type of person.  He got to the top with his own money.  Didn't need help.  His most embarassing moments came out near the close of the election because he is NOT part of their group.  The Bushes endorsed Hillary because she is part of their secret structure and I think Trump is not.

When those Secret Groups started releasing Trump's dirty laundry to stop him from getting elected, I think it triggered an "eye for an eye" response from G-d above, who moved to publish their dirty laundry and just how bad it is as well.  That is why we found out about it.  But it has been going on for a LONG time.