James (29 Jan 2017)
"The Present World Situation January 2017 And The Rapture"


As events in 2017 continue to develop through Europe and America, several of them recently are soon to change the world landscape, leading the world straight into the tribulation.


The Present World Situation January 2017 And The Rapture

There are many interesting events, some of them in retrospect will prove to be diversions.  Those who are trying to set up the New World Order will use all manner of diversions to take your attention off what they intend to do. So it is well to be careful how we interpret events. Clearly we are in the end times. I see 2017 as a major shakeup for the entire world on every possible level.

I think the election of Trump gives less than 2 years for America to repent of her sins. It gives a grace period to fully come to Jesus. I could be wrong, so it could be as short as 7 months grace period leading to the 2017 Feast of Trumpets. I say this because of several things.

I cannot get past the idea that the 5th Feast of God, the Feast of Trumpets, has to be the next big event involving Jesus. I have had many conversations with people about these days we are in and they still say "no man knows the day or hour", because they do not know about the Hebrew calendar. I had to explain to them all what it meant. It is certain that Jesus will fulfill the last three feasts to the letter and date on the Hebrew calendar, in the year it is supposed to happen, just as it happened in the time of His first coming at the first four Feasts. The "day or hour" refers to the Feast of Trumpets as a likely time of His return to get His Bride. In the days of Jesus everyone knew that this statement referred to the Feast of Trumpets. The day or hour refers to the sighting of the new moon on the Feast of Trumpets only, as the only Feast of the seven Feasts that starts on the new moon. Because the orbit of the moon from new to new is 29.5306 days, the sighting of the new moon could be on either of those two days due to the proximity of the moon to the sun. Too close and it won't be seen that day, but will the next day. The hour of sighting will of course depend upon its orbital position. As far as the years go, Jesus did not know which year He would come, but we know for sure we are in the season of His coming. So therefore I am taking the stand that date is by far the most logical one to consider for the rapture to happen. But this does not mean it will happen then, as God has other surprises to come. You can be sure of that.

This brings me to think about the length of time involved from the rapture to the final physical return of Jesus as in Revelation 19. It may very well be that some period of time must pass before the antichrist is revealed after the rapture, because he cannot be revealed until the Holy Spirit is removed from the earth. This does not mean the antichrist is revealed the very next day, but later on. The Bible is silent on this issue. This is also cause to consider the various positions people take regarding the rapture time and the 7 year span of the tribulation.

  The pretribulation  position; Since we are still here and the rapture has not happened yet, and the antichrist is not yet revealed, then we cannot be in the 7 years of the tribulation. If one thinks the antichrist is known then the rapture had to have happened. To suspect who the antichrist is, is not to assume he has been revealed, nor is he known.

If a person takes the view that rapture is not seven years away from the Second Coming, but fewer years than that, would require the dropping of the pretribulation position to consider an interval. It is interesting to consider the case of Joseph, when two years of famine happened before Joseph entered the scene to save his family from the famine. It is possible that this two years is the warning sign, that signals us that the rapture is close at hand. Since it has been two years since the last great excitement about the timing of events, this gives pause to think about that. It is entirely possible we were given a two year warning, but the rapture could be before the seven years tribulation.

  The mid tribulation position; This is the time the antichrist enters the new 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. With his entrance into the Temple and his declaration that he is god, then clearly the Rapture has to have happened more than two years before then, in order for the Temple to be built and dedicated for the sacrifices to begin and the antichrist to be revealed. Note at the time he enters the Temple, those Jews who know Jesus will immediately escape into the mountains for 1260 days (Rev 12), because they would recognize who the antichrist is.

  The post mid tribulation position; Since Scripture says that God will not allow His Bride to suffer the Wrath of God, it cannot be a true position. The wrath of God is mentioned in Revelation for the first time in Rev 6. That period is well before the 1260 day interval.

In all cases, events in the middle east have to be so that Israel is able to build the 3rd Temple in order for the Temple to be ready for the antichrist. Those conditions are not there yet. If Israel tried to build it now, there would be an immediate war, which Israel would then be guilty of starting the war and so Israel would get nowhere on the world stage. On the other hand, something can happen that pushes the bordering countries to attack, then Israel has every legitimate reason to hit back and hard. This is likely the Psalm 83 war causing huge devastation in the surrounding countries, opening the door to build the 3rd Temple without any opposition.

To add fuel to the fire, Trump may move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. The nation of Jordan said that is a red line in the sand. Other neighbouring countries have expressed strong displeasure, which can, and I think will, lead to a strong attack by all of them against Israel. This also leads to the Ps 83 war.

The timing of that war and the year of the Rapture cannot be guessed at this point in time, January 2017.

The place where the antichrist emerges from to attack many countries is described in Daniel 8:9-17 New King James Version (NKJV).

When his passage is read IN CONTEXT, it places this event in the far future from Daniel's time compared to the time of Christ on earth after times of the kings living then.

Dan 8:9 
And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land.

This means he has to be located in Europe, either born there or as an immigrant with a power base. As the map lies, only Europe has the proper map position for the antichrist to attack east and south from there, for the simple reason Europe is north west of Israel. So that is another key to watching who is doing what and where to spot the possible antichrist before the world knows who he is.

The antichrist will be a fluent, forceful, and influential speaker, causing many in the world to follow him and his ideas. They will be captivated by his speeches as he builds his power base. Europe is rapidly changing as I write this, January 2017. Fascism is rapidly building a power base as the people groan under the pressure of the Muslim migrant invasion who have no respect for the people living there. In the elections of 2017, especially Germany, France, and Holland, several governments are going to fall and that sets the stage for the hidden antichrist to begin his ascent to power with fancy words and a fierce countenance. If the U.S.A. decides to cancel membership in the United Nations, the U.N. is likely to transfer its center from New York to Europe, thereby setting the stage for the antichrist to grow his power in Europe. This will give the people more reason to follow him because their own governments are not doing anything to stop the degradation of the entire culture. This will create several very determined countries on steroids to take back their heritage for the 21st century. As in Dan 8:9-17, he will come out of Europe to attack east and south to extend his power.

There is talk of reviving a strong European armed forces, bolstered by France's nuclear weapons. Whether the British will join this is unknown. Along with this, the false prophet will come onto the scene. When all is ready, the rapture happens. When? These developments described above can happen very quickly. Who is the antichrist? Someone with great oratorical skills not needing any teleprompters to guide him along. He will be likable and seemingly supportive to the people. He will have some kind of base in Europe but he does not have to originate in Europe. Then he will have the support of some religious figure who is well known around the world.

God bless