Watchman (31 Jan 2016)
"To Steve R Re: For Randy & Watchman"

To Steve R Re: For Randy & Watchman

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Per your point #4 "The math, as exact as I know how to do it.  666 is the number of a mans age in months.  666 months is 55.5 years.  Converting to years is important because we know the earth revolves around the sun and takes 365.25 days to do so.  55.5 years x 365.25 days = 20,271 days.  Obama's end term office is January 20, 2017.  If you use a date calculator easily found online and subtract 20,271 days from January 20th, 2017 . . . you get Obama's birthday as admitted by him.  July 22nd, not August the 4th.  I believe this happened to fulfill prophecy.  Is this all a coincidence, I guess it could be but I find the fact that from Obama's birth date to his end term of office is exactly 666 months to be troubling."  

Steve R nice work on the calculation - this is VERY interesting, however, no coincidence.  So many things pointing to BHO and his true identity.  I also liked John’s post of last week "Obama's Number is 666” 

I posted this on Five Doves once before, however have some updated and additional information added, and may be worth a re-review on "The Man of Sin” 

~ A Watchman