Lynnette (31 Jan 2016)
"Israel's Embassy in U.S. / P.M. Netanyahu./ U.S. Army SGT actions recognized formally"

"International Holocaust Remembrance Day" marked by the World/ held and Formal recognition given for actions by US Ssaving others while held  by German in  Prisoner of War (POW)camp

 Roddie Edmonds, a U.S. army Sergeant who while being held captive in a German prisoner of war camp, refused orders from a German commander to identify Jewish POWs under his command; Lois Gunden, an American teacher in France who made the children’s home she ran a safe haven for Jewish children, and Walery and Maryla Zbijewski, a Polish couple who cared for a Jewish girl who had managed to flee with her mother from the Warsaw Ghetto.

Families of the rescuers and survivors they saved, and their descendants, attended. Obama in his speech picked up particularly on Edmonds declaration to the German commander, who was furious with Edmonds for not identifying the Jewish soldiers in his ranks: “We are all Jews,” Edmonds said.

Obama, alluding to Edmonds’ devout faith, said: “I cannot imagine a greater expression of Christianity than to say, I, too, am a Jew.”

This ceremony at Israel's Embassy in USA  on January 27,2016 included four formally recognized ,also attended by Israel Ambassador Ron Dermer /
PM Netanyahu had brief remarks viafeed noted after 
 Pres. Obama appeared in unprecedented move.  from:

PM Netayahu's comments before the Day of Remembrance :

Also Israel recognizes " Holocaust Memorial  Day" on May 4-5, 2016