James S (31 Jan 2016)
""44" (Judgement of the world prophetically) ....and 1948 on my car's odometer tonight...!!!"

I always see the number 44.....(especially on my iPad, several times a day when I glance at my battery level indicator and it is at 44%) ...the prophetic number for God bringing His judgement against the world that hates Him and His chosen Jewish people. Tonight, driving home from visiting a friend in the hospital, I glanced down at my instrument panel and the Temperature reading said ..."44" degrees, and my trip odometer read 1948 (with a decimal point between the 4 and the 8, of course) and I clearly heard the Lord impress to me that His judgement was coming to the world very soon for the world's nefarious plans against a His beloved nation, Israel....44 being the Biblical Numeric for "judgement of the world" and 1948 showing me the reason for His judgement, in that 1948 was the year Israel was reborn as a nation after 1878 years since 70 A.D. when Israel's enemies destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish people were scattered and dispersed around the globe, and reminding me that He will never allow Israel to suffer that sort of fate, ever again. The world is preparing to come against Israel soon, to take her spoils from her, the huge natural energy resources discovered in recent years, as well as setting up an "all-uni-faith" Capitol in Jerusalem which the Pope is presently and feverishly working to facilitate....then, I got home and on my daughter's Facebook post, it said she was at the "Angel's Trumpet Ale House" in Phoenix, AZ.....(Please pray for her, Ashley, as she is in a backslidden state and in her last semester of Law a School there) .....needless to say, I got a tremendous witness in my spirit when I saw the name of the establishment where she was headed to hang out with her friends this evening...."Angel's Trumpet".....if that isn't a message from the Lord telling us that He is coming soon, then I don't know what is...!!!!!