Greg Wilson (31 Jan 2016)
"Re:   John Tng "Obama Number is 666""

Greg Wilson (30 January 2016)

Re:   John Tng "Obama Number is 666"


I would like to add an observation concerning this Year numbered 2016 and 666.   I believe that the Lord may have purposefully connected the two numbers as one of thousands of possible clues to the "end of the age" and the beginning of the Time of Jacob's Trouble.

My observation and line of questioning involves (1) the Lord's use of Triangle Numbers which I will preface with T (Triangle) followed by the numberal, and (2) numeric Palindromes, or numbers which can be read in two directions, right and left.

In Genesis 1:1 God set a precedent for the numeric study of the written word. 

He used a Palindrome and two Triangular numbers:  3773 or T37 x T73 in Genesis 1:1.   These two numbers express the wisdom of the Lord in His creation.

In my studies of the numeric relationships involved in the written word,  I have been recently intrigued by the appearance of "216" and its fractals and reflections.    I am referring to numbers such as 216/612; 2016, 2160 and 22016.

Observation:   The number 2016 is the 63rd Triangular number.  Its reflection, the number T36 is 666.   So, T36/T63 is represented by 666/2016.  You called attention to T36 in your article.   I offer some 6336 (the reverse of 3663) gematria values as additional items of interest in a note at the bottom of the page.

This observation flows into your line of discussion in last week's letter.   I have not studied what this may mean.  I imagine a detailed study of T37xT73 could certainly suggest methods of credible analysis.   There is a great deal of writing on 37 and 73 of Genesis 1:1.

I have observed that 216 is a reference in biblical gematria to the "oracles of God", the Holy of Holies and the creation week.   As an example, the diameter of the moon is 2160 (216 x 10) miles and the diameter of the sun is 864,000 (400 x 2160) miles in diameter, both fractals of 216.

The number of counters around the T73 number, 2701 are 216.   There is an inference that the use of 216 in Scripture speaks to God's sovereignty and activity from His throne in our temporal setting.

The use of the number 612 speaks God's character in that He is the God of "covenants".  The Hebrew word covenant has a gematria value of 612.    The relationship of 216/612 can be directly related to the speaking of God and His promises.

We know that the number 666 is the number of a counterfeiter, the anointed Cherub, who would exalt himself above the Most High God. (Ezekiel 38:14; Isaiah 14:13-14; Revelation 13:18)

Paul teaches that the "man of sin", the Antichrist (666 of Revelation 13:18) is revealed AFTER Christ's own are "gathered unto Him".  (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3).

We are all children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of the darkness.  Therefore, Paul commands us not to sleep, but WATCH and be sober.   For God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by  our Lord Jesus Christ.  (1 Thessalonians 5:5, 6and 9)  Christ's body, "His Own" (1Corinthinians 15:23) are to be hidden in the day of the Lord. (Revelation 3:10 as a spiritual application to the end of the Age of Pentecost)

While we await, the SHOUT and the assembling TRUMPET voice of the Lord, we will WATCH. (1 Corinthians 15:52; 1 Thessalonians 4:17)

Surely he comes quickly, perhaps in 2016 ?

NOTE:  If we place 2016 before 666 (T36/T36) then we have the following Palindrome:  6336 which is (3168 x 2).  The value 3168 is gematria for Lord Jesus Christ.  This also (4 x 792).  792 is a fractal of the diameter of the Earth (7920 miles).

1.         6336= This Jesus God has raised up, of whom we are all witnesses (Acts 2:32)

2.         6336/2=3168  Lord Jesus Christ

3.         6336/3=2112  A virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel (Isaiah 7:14)

4.         6336/4=1584  I will establish my covenant (the rainbow covenant)  (Genesis 9:11)

5.         6336/6=1056   The joy of thy salvation (Psalm 51:12)

6.         6336/8=792  He is salvation (Genesis 3:20)

7.         6336/9=704  Pierced (Revelation 1:7)

8.         6336/12=528  The key (the key of David) (Isaiah 22:22)

The foregoing examples, and many more, are cited from Bonnie Gaunt's Book titled "Genesis One: The Sacred Code of Creation" on page 70, 71. Adventures Unlimited Books, Kempton, Illinois 2003
Thanks for sharing, Greg.