Fay (31 Jan 2016)
"Incredible Article"


Almighty God is just amazing. Glorious and wondrous. Just as I was getting my knicks in a knot - preparing myself to defend Israel and her people - with every tap on the keyboard - blood boiling and heart racing - Almighty God made sure there are a plethora of articles available to post - currently on todays internet news. He provided me with all the tools I would need - without me having to have a nervous breakdown! Hahaha. Thank you, LORD.

This is must read for Christians. I could post so much more but I believe the point has been made. Today - 27th January 2016 - is Holocaust Memorial Day. And -- for the detractors and deniers who may be trolling our beloved Doves website - YES - the Holocaust DID happen. It wasn't exaggerated and there IS photographic evidence and formal documentation to prove it.  Netanyahu made a wonderful speech, imploring Europe to stand with Israel against the evil scourge, currently on the march. He said it was vital - not just for Israel's sake, but for their own survival.